Announcing Our Major Accomplishments for the Year

by Sandra Petrova

10 min read · Dec 31, 2018

When we started the new year, we had a vision in mind, “To bring equal opportunities to developers everywhere, while helping companies find world-class talent for their teams.” We still believe that.

The entire team knew we were taking a risk entering an already competitive market, but we were willing to do the hard work to build a great product. Adeva made some bold moves, and we’re very proud of what we’ve created in the past year, the team behind it, and the support we found along the way.

Throughout the past year, we were dedicated to building a global developers' community, empowering developers, and creating technology leaders. Our goal was to create amazing remote cultures and help companies embrace the future of work that will positively support employee well-being. We fought for diversity at the workplace, campaigned for gender equality for women in tech, and discussed tech trends.

When we look back in retrospect, our list of accomplishments is extensive and meaningful. It’s proof of our strong motivation to work hard; it’s bold evidence of team engagement and a clear confirmation of what happens when you add passion at the workplace.

We want to pass along some insights and share with you our major accomplishments for the year.

Our Best Standout Moments for 2018

In 2018, Adeva achieved numerous milestones, from being named The Most Inclusive Tech Company to initiating the first Female Bootcamp in Macedonia.

Through open ways of working, open ways of thinking, and open ways of being, the creative genius of the entire team accomplished plenty of achievements that we’ll have a hard time fitting into a single article. Still, we’ll give it a go! Check out some highlights from this past year below!

The Non-Profit Organization Women in Tech Awarded Us as The Most Inclusive Tech Company

This is probably one of our most major accomplishments! In a challenging time when diversifying teams is a genuine struggle, we won the award for the Most Inclusive Tech Company.

The event took place in Lisbon, during the 2018 WebSummit. It was the first Official Women in Tech International Awards event that celebrated the innovative, inspirational, and passionate people from all around the world who strive to bridge the gender gap in the tech sector.

Our co-founder Katerina Trajchevska, a software engineer herself, received the award for her advocacy for equality and inclusion for women in tech. She is one of the organizers of the global initiative Learn IT, Girl and initiator of many local activities aimed at creating a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem. She’s currently leading Adeva’s Female Bootcamp – the first initiative for women in tech in Macedonia.

What happened to our award? It sits in our office as a symbol of how people can accomplish amazing things when they collaborate, when they have a dream, and firmly believe in a purpose.

Adeva is the most inclusive tech company - Adeva major accomplishments

We Successfully Held a Panel Discussion That Revolved Around the Future of Work

Spectacular things happened during the 2018 Web Summit in Lisbon. Before winning the award, Adeva held a panel discussion that explored the topic of innovation in the workplace. We want to say that we had a blast, but that would be an understatement.

But what really happened at the panel discussion and why are we sharing this work accomplishment with you? Because it was an honor to be in the company of some of the most talented people advocating for the future of work, including Filipa Larangeira, Saleema Vellani, Elena Kolevska, Fred Canto e Castro, and Rita Sambado. Our joined new year resolution is to work towards creating a modern workplace that empowers its employees.

During the panel discussion, we envisioned a future that incorporates:

🚀 Being kind and mindful towards employees.

🌍 Motivating employees to work remotely from anywhere in the world, coming together with the help of collaboration tools.

🌞 Encouraging greater work-life balance that will eventually result in higher employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

💖 Supporting purpose-driven organizations in which employees will find the motivation they need to engage with their jobs.

visions of the future

We Attended the 2018 WebSummit in Lisbon

Those who visited this year’s WebSummit in Lisbon know that the Adeva team was at the AI section of Pavilion 3, talking about working remotely.

Today, many businesses or managers are still skeptical to grasp the future of work and enable remote work. That being so, Adeva attended the WebSummit to discuss the notion of how hiring remote workers can be a challenge, but giving it a try comes with a broad range of advantages. From having access to global talent to reduced costs, remote work can surely provide a competitive advantage to global businesses.

Some of the most notable founders and CEOs of tech companies and fast-growing startups were gathered here, covering topics ranging from deep tech and data science to design and environmental sustainability. An estimated 1,200 speakers gave their insights at the event, led by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, Imgur’s founder Alan Schaaf, and the inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee.

It was a phenomenal ride and a chance for Adeva to cement itself as an innovative tech company and a supporter of remote work.

our major accomplishments

We Gave Our Fresh Perspective on How We Can Contribute to the Environment by Working Remotely at This Year’s CodeTalks Conference

Did you know that remote work has the same impact on the environment as planting 2 billion trees per year? Our co-founder, Katerina Trajchevska, was pretty aware of the fact when she gave her fresh perspectives at this year’s CodeTalks Conference in Germany.

The conference was another highlight and a major accomplishment for us. With over 1500 participants, it seemed like the perfect place to initiate a conversation about how developers impact the environment with their daily work. It was a proud moment for the entire team!

As someone who has built and led remote teams, both as a software engineer and a CEO of Adeva, Katerina explored how lowering the commute can lead to lower pollution, global warming, and improved general health.

We can’t wait to see how many startups we've inspired to start introducing flexibility at the workplace and contributing to making the world a greener place.

We Spoke About Cleaner Code and Better Software Architecture at This Year’s Laracon EU Conference

The Laracon EU Conference was another unforgettable experience. We made amazing new friendships and had some cool takeaways about the Laravel ecosystem.

Our co-founder, Katerina Trajchevska, stood in front of 800 developers and shared her thoughts on cleaner code and better software architecture. She spoke about becoming a better developer by using the SOLID design principles.

After this session, attendees were able to return to their company knowing what distinguishes a good PHP developer from a strong one and learn how to stand out from the crowd. They learned how to incorporate the SOLID principles in their daily work and design their code for extendibility.

Overall, the conference made it to our list of accomplishments for giving us the opportunity to learn about the state of the industry while networking with like-minded and diversely experienced developers.

Adeva major accomplishments - Laracon EU

We initiated The First Female Bootcamp in Macedonia!

Another standout moment was initiating the first Female Bootcamp in Macedonia. The purpose of this project was to help young women get into the tech industry with confidence and help them launch international careers.

We’ve managed to get consultants from top global tech companies and organizations such as Google, UNICEF, and NASA Datanauts to help us create the best program. Some of the leading learning platforms, including TreeHouse and Laracasts, were supporters of the program.

Thanks to our group team effort and community engagement, we created an environment where everyone can feel empowered. Up to this day, the Female Bootcamp offers:

  • an accelerated learning experience with top instructors
  • support to women tech leaders
  • access to tech books, peer programming, guidance and follow up materials as part of the alumni and community in general
our major accomplishments - Female Bootcamp Macedonia

We Built and Released Techtion

We’ll remember 2018 as the year when we launched Techtion, a fantastic resource for startups and developers. It’s a directory of over 200 tech interview questions that can be useful to startups that want to boost their recruitment strategy and developers who need to prepare for their interviews. Techtion was voted “A Product of the Day” on ProductHunt.

Currently, Techtion contains questions for seven tech stacks, including PHP, Javascript, Android, iOS, Java, Python, and Git. So, whether you’re a startup that’s looking for a smart way to recruit developers or a developer who has an interview scheduled for next week, make sure you check the Techtion directory.

What’s Next?

In the upcoming year, we have two events lined up that we’re super excited about. It’s the Unicon Conference in Berlin and the PHP Conference in London.

Unicon Conference Berlin

Our team member, Vedrana Tozija, will share her accumulated knowledge of PWAs at this year’s Unicon Conference in Berlin. She’ll discuss the impact of PWAs, how they can help your business, and when are they better than native apps.

We are humbled and honored to be part of such an amazing event and have one of our own team members speak alongside Scott Chacon, the co-founder of GITHUB, and Sebastian Schleicher, director of engineering at Blinkist, among others.

Are you as thrilled as we are?

See you soon!

Where? At the CODE campus inside Factory Berlin near Görlitzer Park.
What? The Unicon Conference.
When? On January 18th – 20th 2019.
Who? Verdana Tozija, Scott Chacon, Julia Bösch, Stephan Schambach, and Sebastian Schleicher.
Why? To help tech enthusiasts discover the latest insights into digital product development.

Major accomplishments - Progressive web apps Unicon Conference

PHP UK Conference

Our CEO and co-founder, Katerina Trajchevska, will speak at the 2019 PHP UK Conference in London. She will touch on the programming habits that gave PHP its bad name and show what we can do to get it back to its glory.

With over 700 delegates, speakers, and sponsors, the PHP UK conference will surely deliver fantastic up-to-date content about PHP and related web technologies in a comfortable and professional setting.

The conference will be a 2-day event, kicking off February 20 and closing February 22. We can’t wait to have a productive talk on good development practices and hear our co-founder share her insights into a trending topic.

PHP Conference in London - Adeva major accomplishments

Our Resolutions for The Upcoming Year

These were some of our major accomplishments for 2018. We believe we’re just getting started and that the new year will be even more ambitious and spectacular. Good luck with that 2019!

As we approach the end of 2018, we want to thank our team for their dedication to the company. We also want to thank our clients who trusted us with finding world-class talent for their teams. We’ll move forward into another fantastic year and hope to celebrate many more accomplishments together.

In the new year, we’ll keep supporting local communities and the development of tech ecosystems. We won’t stop empowering our developers to work on world-class projects and supporting them in their professional and personal growth.

Thank you again for being on this journey with us. We look forward to doing even more great things together in 2019.

🎄🎁🎅 Happy Holidays! 🎅🎁🎄