Progressive Web Apps Bridge the Gap Between Web and Mobile Apps

Sandra Petrova

Sandra Petrova

Remote Work Researcher

Will the latest efforts from Google result in a shift away from native apps and is there a bright future ahead for Progressive Web Apps? Our team member, Vedrana Tozija, will give you the answer!

Vedrana is a Software Engineer at Adeva who advocates about PWAs and mobile-first experiences that benefit both the users and the businesses behind the apps. Before joining our team in Adeva, she had her first job experience as a young developer in Brussels and stopped by in Thailand for another amazing working experience.

As a true PWAs enthusiast, she loves disclosing her well-researched insights into the latest trends on this popular topic. PWAs are a hot topic right now because their support is increasing in multiple platforms, and major companies are deciding to work on PWA versions of their web apps including Twitter, Lyft, Starbucks, NASA, and more.

Vedrana will share her accumulated knowledge of PWAs at this year’s Unicon Conference in Berlin. She’ll discuss the impact of PWAs, how they can help your business, and when are they better than native apps.

Progressive Web Apps

What are Progressive Web Apps and Why are They Important for Your Business?

For those who aren’t familiar with PWAs, they are a mobile website that becomes your app. In layman’s terms, they are a mixture of a mobile and web app!

These apps work for every user, no matter where you’re located in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you live in South Korea or in the UK, or whether you’re using Chrome or Opera. Why? Because these apps are progressively enhanced.

Be it a desktop, a mobile, or a tablet, they are responsive on any device. They can even work on low-quality networks, or even offline! Thanks to service workers, your Progressive Web App will always be up-to-date with the latest updates! What’s more, PWA features like Push Notifications make user engagement very easy!

"Given that the web has evolved in a way even his genious founders couldn't have predicted, a new approach to web development is much needed. Something that will bridge the gap between native web and mobile applications. Something that will help your business, will reach new users and will not requre double the development time. Progressive web apps are comprised with all of that. " - Vedrana Tozija

What Can You Benefit From Learning About PWAs?

In 2017, the number of mobile app downloads reached an astonishing 197 billion. For this reason, more and more businesses are venturing into having an app developed. However, there are many issues with developing “traditional” apps. They can be costly, take up a large amount of storage on the users’ device, and use a significant amount of data.

That’s why PWAs have risen in popularity. Businesses are now switching from native apps and are finding the multiple benefits of PWAs.

By learning more about these apps, you’ll discover how they can deliver great results for your business. You’ll become familiar with how they can provide a seamless experience with low data usage and fast loading times. Most importantly, you’ll learn of many companies that have found that their conversions increase significantly by using a Progressive Web App.

Flipkart Lite, India’s largest e-commerce site has seen a 70% increase in conversions. Jumia Travel has seen a staggering 33% increase in conversion rates compared with the previous mobile website. The Washington Post has seen a 23% increase in mobile search from users who return within 7 days.

Overall, Progressive Web Apps have contributed to business success time with increased conversions, more time spent on a website per visitor and a boost in the revenue that is generated online.

progressive web apps

The Unicon Conference is Coming to Berlin for the Second Time Around

For all the tech enthusiasts, the new year is going to start with a loud bang! The Unicon Conference is coming to Berlin, and the dates have been revealed. All interested parties who want to get the latest insights into digital product development can join the speakers on January 18 - 20. The location? CODE campus inside Factory Berlin, near Görlitzer Park.

We’re happy to announce that Vedrana Tozija will be a key speaker and will share her extensive knowledge on progressive web apps.

We are humbled and honored to be part of such an amazing event and have one of our own speak alongside Scott Chacon, the co-founder of GITHUB, and Sebastian Schleicher, director of engineering at Blinkist, among others.
Are you as thrilled as we are?

See you Soon!

Where? At the CODE campus inside Factory Berlin near Görlitzer Park.
What? The Unicon Conference.
When? On January 18th - 20th 2019.
Who? Verdana Tozija, Scott Chacon, Julia Bösch, Stephan Schambach, and Sebastian Schleicher.
Why? To help tech enthusiasts discover the latest insights into digital product development.