Northern Italy origins and passion for Video Games – Alek Pavlov

Adeva developer, HTML, CSS, PHP, Laravel, Angular

Find Northern Italy on a map, then locate Torino, Milano, and Genoa, draw a triangle between them and put your finger in the middle. That is where I lived.

– this is how Alek describes his childhood place of residence.

You can hear regular things like this, being explained with more passion, in-depth details and enormous level of reasoning. Alek always tries to add better flavor to ordinary things, often thinking for at least 20 seconds before he answers any question. He rolls his eyes, looks up and tries to find the perfect answer. This part of his character is recognized in his work as a developer as well because he is very organized, analyzes things in depth and works with great accuracy.

In this blog post, we are going to share a little bit more about our colleague Alek Pavlov, who is an indispensable part of our team and valuable asset to our company progress.

  • 🐿 Position: Team Leader and Software Engineer
  • 🤓 Skillset: PHP, Laravel, Magento, AngularJS 1.4., JavaScript, Jquery
  • 🤔 Favorite work activity: API integration
  • 🔧 Favorite tool: OneTab Chrome Extension
  • 🤖 Interests out of the office: Science Fiction, Video Games
  • 🙌 You can reach him for: API Integration, Programming in general
  • 📣 How can you find him: Linkedin profile

How did you get interested in the IT industry in general? What was your trigger? Did you have any?

Let me tell you right away. Video Games! I played a lot of games in my childhood and often envisioned that one day I will build my own.

What were the baby steps that you took in your career? Did they determine your future career development?

First steps as a programmer in the, and as I like to say it “real world” after finishing colleague, was a project where my friend and I started to build a video game for a potential client. He continued to be a potential client, so those baby steps weren’t wandering for a long time. After that, I got an internship in Adeva, and in a month and a half, I learned in an accelerated way 10 times more than I have at the college. That really impacted my career in a valuable way.

What do you think is the most important thing while building a career in ICT?

Oh, that is really interesting question. And I have just the perfect answer. Most important, and I think this is not only the case for ICT professions but also with every other profession, it is where do you see yourself in the future. You need to envision the position that you want to get in the company that you work in and how do you want to grow and get there!

You recently became a team leader, so what are the challenges that you experience every day in the office?

For me, the most challenging part of my job is the process of understanding and analyzing code that someone has developed before I get on board for the project. But not in a bad way, I find this very amusing and interesting. I also like doing API Integrations. And in terms of my team leader role, I didn’t really find some differences since I often took a big responsibility in the projects that I was involved with. I was among the first employees at Adeva, so as the company grew, I was growing with it.

One thing that not so many people know about you?

Before work, I like to get up one hour before, so I can read a book. I just finished the ‘High Druid of Shannara’ trilogy. I for sure recommend it. But please don’t watch the TV show…Please! 😃

You have been part of the #RemoteFriday initiative in Adeva. What is your experience with it?

Oh, at first it was challenging since I didn’t quite set up the environment on my computer at home, so I had some issues. But lesson learned, the first day after that I got everything up to date and ever since then, the remote work has been an amazing experience for me.I have a feeling that I am in charge of my time, and can rearrange things as the day unfolds.

Something else to share with the community?

Hmm, okay, maybe these three things:

  1. Please write good API documentation;
  2. Use One Tab; and
  3. Make sure you have your environment up to date when you start remote working! 🙂
Anita Kirkovska - Growth Engineer Adeva
Anita Kirkovska
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