Laravel: The PHP Framework for Creative Experience


  • This is your guide on how to hire Laravel developers.
  • Laravel is a developer-friendly framework. It makes developing easier, enabling developers to use simple ways for creating complex projects. The integration of tools and the strong developers’ community helps programmers create web applications faster!
  • It is fairly easy to find new developers for your project since Laravel has a strong developers’ network.
  • Also, many successful startups which have used Laravel for building their websites and apps speak for its value.

Introducing Laravel

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP framework for creating web applications. It is the most starred PHP framework on GitHub voted by 46,000 developers from around the world.

There are many companies and individuals who develop Laravel packages. These packages are the main way of adding functionality to Laravel. Packages range from extensions like Carbon that help make dealing with date/time in PHP much easier to an entire BDD testing framework like Behat.

Some of these packages are stand-alone which means they work with any PHP framework. Others are specifically designed to be used with Laravel. Those for Laravel may have views, routes, and controllers in order to enhance a Laravel application.

The most useful Laravel packages that developers love working with include:

  • Carbon
  • Behat
  • Ardent
  • IDE helper
  • Generators
  • Sayakb
  • Artdarek
  • Mcmara

You can find an extensive list of packages in packalyst. Packalyst is a simple and social packages registry for Laravel.

Laravel’s Success Stories

These successful startups adopted the Laravel framework to create their websites:

  1. – it has over 13 million registered users and 825,000 startups which are provided with press, funding, and mentors.
  2. RVs & Camping World is a web app created by the Laravel framework which sells services and equipment for RVs. The app enables buying and selling RVs online, as well as maintenance and support.
  3. Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Associates is a complex corporate website built with Laravel. The variety of healthcare services they offer to patients for over 90 years are available through online scheduling and consultation.
  4. Invicta Watch in an e-commerce website with an online description, images, and videos for each product. This is yet another example of a complex corporate Laravel website.

What are the Advantages of Laravel?

There is a wide range of benefits of using the Laravel framework for your web development, including:

  • Features an expressive and elegant syntax that offers a truly fulfilling creative experience.
  • Makes the development process quite easier.
  • Eliminates the use of a complex code.
  • Improves the appearance and readability of your web projects.
  • Incorporates certain flexible features in your applications.
  • Amazing community.
  • A lot of packages developed by many companies and individuals that can be reused.

“When I choose a framework, I am looking for something that is easy to work with. Something that has a helpful community and high-quality learning resources. A framework that has features that would speed up the development process and the way the code is structured and written. Laravel has all of that and more! Now that I’ve worked with Laravel for more than 3 years, I can’t imagine myself without it.” – Davor Minchorov, Software Engineer at Adeva

What are the Fundamental Technical Skills Every Laravel Developer Should Have?

These are the important technical skills that every solid Laravel developer should have:

  • Knowledge of code versioning tools. Laravel developers should have practical knowledge of version control tools.
  • Knowledge of databases. A Laravel developer should have a significant knowledge of databases and how things work in the background.
  • Efficiency and speed. Despite the knowledge concerning Laravel, programmers should also be efficient and fast enough to deliver projects on time.
  • Optional but highly valuable: if the candidate has their own Laravel packages and are active in the Laravel community, they are certainly a great addition to your team.
  • Good software development practices: to be able to provide scalable and robust solutions, the candidate should be experienced with various design patterns and principles, different algorithms and OOP concepts.

How Do I Hire Laravel Developers?

The process of hiring a top-notch Laravel developer can be an exciting and challenging endeavor. Exciting because if you locate an experienced one, they will help you turn an innovative idea into a great project. Challenging because locating the best talent can take up a lot of your time and resources.

If you want to hire Laravel developers, the first step is to create a well-written job description. The job description should include your company’s culture, the benefits of working there, relevant responsibilities, and the skills and qualifications that you expect the candidate to have.

You will be most successful in your search for Laravel developers if you attend Laravel conferences and meetups, search online communities, and stay active on social platforms.

To help you hire Laravel developers, we’ve compiled a list of the most important questions you should be asking any Laravel developer.

In order to hire the best talent, many companies worldwide also rely on third parties to screen and vet developers ahead of time to make sure they’re getting their time and money’s worth. Companies that work with Adeva have the opportunity to hire high-performing talent from our global developers’ community, evaluated with a thorough screening process. From communication and aptitude check to passion and personality check, Adeva leaves no stone unturned in order to locate the most qualified developer in a large pool of talent.

If you want to hire Laravel developers for your company, please schedule a meet with Adeva.