Why PHP is Popular Among Developers


  • Your guide on how to hire a PHP developer.
  • With a fan base of millions, PHP remains one of the most used server-side languages worldwide.
  • PHP is flexible and dynamic.
  • It works with all major operating systems and has support for most of the web servers.
  • It integrates with everything and it supports a wide range of databases.

Introducing PHP

Are you in the midst of a mobile application project? Are you are looking for an easy-to-use language for your backend development? For many programmers worldwide, PHP code is their favorite choice and it remained their choice throughout their career.

Surviving a dirty and grueling evolution, PHP today is the favorite server-side language of the web. People love it because it has everything you’re looking for in a programming language: flexibility and dynamics. The newer versions of the language support everything you need in a smart and easy way.

Statistics show that about 82.5% of all websites on the internet use PHP. Some companies that are using PHP today include:

  • Slack
  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr

PHP has a bad reputation because of its low learning curve. There are a lot of developers that take advantage of its ease of use without considering good design practices. But with the latest advancements of PHP and the modern frameworks, we are safe to say that PHP is reclaiming its reputation and it’s stronger than ever. On the plus side, it has a fast load time and most tools associated with the program are open source software, such as WordPress and Laravel.

PHP code works with all major operating systems, including Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, RISC OS, and others. PHP also has support for most of the web servers that we have today. This includes Apache, IIS, and many others.

Maybe the strongest and most significant feature of PHP is that it supports a wide range of databases. Writing a database-enabled web page is quite simple by using one of the database specific extensions like mysql.

Top PHP Frameworks for Modern Developers

Developers today need to create complex websites and apps that can take too much time and hassle to build. They needed a more structured and natural way of development. PHP frameworks came into the picture as an adequate solution to developers’ nightmares.

There is a wide range of frameworks to choose from when working with PHP code. If you need something simpler you can use Lumen or Slim. If you need something that supports complicated applications, you have Laravel or Symfony.

What are the Most Popular PHP Frameworks?

    1. Laravel – a relatively new PHP framework, a recent survey voted it the most popular framework among developers.
    2. Symfony – used by many impressive projects, this framework has a wide developer community.
    3. CodeIgniter – a lightweight PHP framework, it works nicely on almost all shared and dedicated hosting platforms
    4. Yii 2 – a great choice if you’re looking to give a boost to the performance of your site as it’s faster than other PHP frameworks.
    5. Phalcon – delivered as a C-extension, this framework can reach the highest level of performance optimization possible.
    6. CakePHP – an excellent tool for creating web apps that need high-level of security.
    7. Zend Framework – coming with a number of cool features, this is an excellent framework for more complex projects.
    8. Slim – used by many PHP developers for developing RESTful APIs and services, it’s excellent for smaller apps.

“When I choose a framework, I am looking for something that is easy to work with, has a helpful community, high-quality learning resources, features that would speed up the development process and the way the code is structured and written. Laravel has all of that and more! Now that I’ve worked with Laravel for more than 3 years, I can’t imagine myself without it.” – Davor Minchorov, Software Engineer at Adeva

What are the Fundamental Skills Every PHP Developer Should Have?

  • Understanding of frameworks. A qualified PHP developer must know how to work with at least one framework.
  • The basics of a database. Every PHP developer must know the basics of database and the methodologies to integrate PHP with various database management tools, including MySQL, Postgresql, or Oracle.
  • OOP concepts. As PHP follows many OOP Concepts, it’s important for a PHP developer to know the OOP Concepts and how to use them.
  • Understanding of algorithms. Developers should have a good understanding of algorithms in order to provide an optimal solution to the problems they’re working on.
  • Design Patterns and Principles. Good software developers should be familiar with the various design patterns and good software design principles (like SOLID).

How Do I Hire a PHP Developer?

The first step is to create a well-written job description. The job description should include your company’s culture, the benefits of working there, relevant responsibilities, and the skills and qualifications that you expect the candidate to have.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the most important questions you should be asking any PHP developer.

In order to hire the best PHP talent, many companies worldwide rely on third parties to screen and vet developers ahead of time to make sure they’re getting their time and money’s worth. Companies that work with Adeva have the opportunity to hire high-performing talent from our global developers’ community, evaluated with a thorough screening process. From communication and aptitude check to passion and personality check, Adeva leaves no stone unturned in order to locate the most qualified developer in a large pool of talent.

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