Struggling to Attract and Retain Top Tech Talent? Let These Strategies Help You

Sandra Petrova

Sandra Petrova

Remote Work Researcher

Attracting and retaining top tech talent is not as easy as 1s and 0s. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook have employees lining up to work for their companies, but thousands of other startups are struggling to locate the best global technical talent.

Lately, the competition has become fierce. According to Career Builder, developers report receiving 32 job solicitations each week. What’s more, tech talent shortage may be even more significant than experts predicted. In fact, it may be at its highest level since 2008.

For this reason, Deloitte’s research suggests that the issues of employee attraction and retention have risen to No. 2 in the minds of business leaders. Only 13% of all employees are “highly engaged,” and 54% recommend their company as a place to work.

What can you do to retain your employees and avoid seeing them leave for the competition? Whether you’re an exhausted recruiter or an overworked CTO, here's what you should know about attracting the top tech talent and keeping them from setting sail someplace else.

Compensation and Benefits are no Longer the Holy Grail

Remember the days when developers were only looking at the monthly salary and health benefits? Well, those days are ancient history. Today, the opportunity to develop a career is the most important factor for hiring tech talent. If you don’t provide your team with career growth, they won’t hesitate to move to greener pastures.

Growth opportunities are a significant element that makes a company “irresistible.” When top tech talent enters a company, the most common thought that runs through their minds is, “I hope I see plenty of opportunities for growth here.” If they don’t, they’ll abort the mission and start looking for a more rewarding company. What’s more, more than two-thirds of millennials believe that it’s the manager’s job to provide development opportunities.

Although building opportunities for growth is a complex challenge, it’s not impossible. Every company that is looking to hire a programmer who will stay engaged and motivated must:

  • Let tech workers learn on the job.
  • Let tech talent take developmental assignments.
  • Offer tech workers support when they need it.
  • Assign them mentors.
  • Provide constructive feedback.
  • Develop a culture of support and learning.
  • Be patient with employees and give them time to learn.
  • Design onboarding and transition management programs.

“Supporting developers to meet and adapt to new challenges in the IT industry is a valuable activity in our company. We are working together into shaping them as top-level leaders who are flexible, adaptive, and globally and culturally aware,” says Tosho Trajanov, CEO of Adeva.

attracting and retaining top tech talent

Adopting a Team Culture Can be a Win-Win for Everyone

What do Sherlock Holmes and Watson have in common with The Beatles? Or The Apollo 11 with The Lakers? They’re all examples of a great team. And as it turns out, what it takes to compete in today's tech world is not the best individual employees, but the best teams.

The key to attracting and retaining top tech talent is to create a great team culture in your company. This is the best way to have happy and motivated employees who will stick with you on the long-term. There’ll be a boost of positive energy, but also their performance, loyalty, and engagement will be improved.

Here are some tips for building a great team culture:

  • Make teamwork one of your core company values.
  • Give your tech workers significant assignments and projects.
  • Give your IT workers the opportunity to learn other people's jobs.
  • Provide team resources, including collaboration tools and an appropriate budget.

“Adevans are honest, direct and non-political. They are as comfortable with admitting mistakes, as they are with offering help to others and asking for it when in need. They care, love helping others and strongly believe in giving back,” says Katerina Trajchevska, CEO of Adeva and a software engineer.

attracting and retaining top tech talent

Skilled Managers are Tech Talent Magnets

Do you know those managers that steal all the credit? Or those who can only give negative feedback to their employees? These types of managers aren’t able to engage their team, provide a word of encouragement, and infuse a sense of purpose at the workplace. We’ve all met one of those, but rarely we’ve encountered a skilled one.

Good management is another element that will bring the best global technical talent to your doors. A good manager is one that sets goals instead of failing to communicate appropriately, supports employees instead of criticizing them, and coaches for high performance instead of focusing on your weaknesses.

When Hired asked tech people to list the main reasons for leaving their jobs, 37% of them listed not being valued by a manager as their primary reason. Huffington Post discovered that "nearly 50% of employees who don’t feel valued by their boss plan to find another job in the next year."

That’s why every company that’s hiring tech talent must employ skilled managers that will be committed to seeing employees grow. These “breeds” of managers attract hot tech talent and drive performance, engagement, and retention. On the other hand, bad managers can cost a company a ton of money in turnover costs.

attracting and retaining top tech talent

Remote Work and a Feeling of Freedom are a Huge Trend

Undoubtedly, top tech talent prefers working at the office with their coworkers because they feel they’re more effective sitting side by side, right? Well, not really! According to a report by Hired:

  • 70% of tech workers expressed interest in working 100% remotely.
  • 19% said they’re looking for remote work when they’re evaluating a job offer.
  • Flexible schedules are critical, as well as a feeling of freedom at work, and innovative approaches.

Today’s workforce, especially the millennials, understand how to use the necessary tools to work from anywhere in the world. From collaboration and project management tools to team bonding and more in-depth discussion tools, remote teams have a wide range of tools to choose from that guarantee success in any scenario.

Tech workers tend to be happy with their careers when they make their own schedule, can work from different locations, and can schedule their work around their personal needs. Every company that’s attracting and retaining tech talent should incorporate flexibility in its core strategy.

At Adeva, establishing good work discipline, implementation of remote and flexible working, unique benefits from the employee program and nurturing team values are the fundamental pillars of our corporate culture. We believe that doing what you love in the best way you can, doesn't need to be limited to a place or a desk.

attracting and retaining top tech talent


Although every tech worker’s career journey is unique, there’s a set of factors that are highly important to the entire tech force. These factors contribute to how they evaluate their next job opportunity and how long they stick with the company.

If companies worldwide want to attract and retain the best global tech talent, they must create flexible, creative, and supportive environments where people want to work. While compensation is essential for employee attraction and retention, it’s not the only consideration. Top tech talent is looking to join companies that:

  • Offer plenty of opportunities for professional growth. If companies fail to provide this, employees won’t hesitate to move to greener pastures.
  • Adopt a team culture. Not only that there’ll be vast amounts of positive energy, but their performance, loyalty, and engagement will significantly improve.
  • Employ good managers that set goals instead of failing to communicate appropriately, support employees instead of criticizing them, and coach for high performance instead of focusing on their weaknesses.
  • Tech workers tend to be happy with their careers when they make their own schedule, can work from different locations, and can schedule their work around their personal needs.