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Finding and retaining skilled talent can be quite a challenge. Adeva helps innovative companies and start-ups hire JavaScript Developers and overcome the tech talent shortage. We are a global tech community for JavaScript Developers who have proven experience in handling projects of varying complexity.

Top Featured JavaScript Developer in April, 2019

Senior Javascript Engineer, Conference Speaker

Solomon Ayoola

Senior Javascript Engineer, Conference Speaker

  • NodeJs, AngularJS, AdonisJS and ReactJS
  • MySQL, MongoDB and PostgresSQL
  • Leading German Tech Companies

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JavaScript Development Benefits For Business

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t decide whether a technology is right for your business? Let’s assume in this article that you have chosen JavaScript for your software solution. You’re probably overwhelmed with questions like “How can this technology benefit my business,” or “Is it difficult to hire JavaScript developers?”

Knowing these things will help you make far more informed decisions and launch a high-quality product faster. That’s why we’ve created this guide!

You’ve probably noticed by now that JavaScript is everywhere. It’s used in every browser, it’s on the server-side, it’s in virtual reality, and it powers Gmail, Facebook, Chrome Apps, and many other technologies. People believe that it will remain a key player in the foreseeable future.

But what’s so special about JavaScript that businesses love using it? What can you achieve with it? Well, for starters, JavaScript is used to make web pages alive. In its essence, JavaScript is the king of web development. It dominates in web development because  it’s the native language of the web browser.

And did we mention that Node.js, JavaScript’s backend framework, is ideal for building highly-scalable, data-intensive, and real-time apps? Or that Vue.js, JavaScript’s front-end framework, is extremely flexible and highly performant, and has all the properties for a smooth development?

The benefits are just too many and too complex. Let’s dive into the major reasons for using JavaScript in your web development in more detail.

Reasons for Using JavaScript in Your Web Development

What makes JavaScript so good for your web development? There’s a wide range of reasons, so let’s break down the most notable benefits for businesses:

Advanced JavaScript frameworks. JavaScript has numerous highly popular frameworks. Node.js is well received in the tech scene, and it’s excellent for agile development and building super-fast applications. Vue.js is one of the trendiest frameworks that has all the properties for a smooth and easy development. React.js is known for its ability to create amazingly looking user interfaces. There’s also Meteor.js, Backbone.js, and Ember.js, all equally performant.

Interactive websites. If you want to create highly interactive web applications, JavaScript is your best bet. It can help you design fast and reliable interfaces and even deliver an app-like, offline experience with Progressive Web Apps. These highly responsive interfaces can improve the user experience and provide dynamic functionality.

Speed. JavaScript is a fast programming language because it can be run within the client-side browser. It also doesn’t need to be compiled on the client side which gives it certain speed advantages.

Extended functionalities. You can easily include third-party add-ons and make changes to a web page after or before the page is loaded in the browser. For example, if you have a website and want to add a specific feature, you can use an add-on like Greasemonkey to implement it on the desired web page.

Why Hire JavaScript Developers?

JavaScript is very easy to learn

JavaScript syntax is wonderfully easy and inviting. It’s simple to learn and has a syntax that’s close to English. Meaning, as it’s so easy to learn and use, developers can create web solutions faster, cheaper, and more effectively.

JavaScript developers have many technical skills

Here’s another reason why you should hire JavaScript developers: they have many technical skills that you’ll find useful, including:

  • Strong understanding of JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of advanced JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js and Node.js.
  • Experience with web markup, including HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Understanding of different browsers and how each works.
  • DOM manipulation.
  • Solid grasp of async code.
  • Comfortable with basic design tasks.

JavaScript developers can make your users happy

JavaScript has become a powerhouse for making fully functioning web applications. Developers can create snappy, responsive sites and intuitive interfaces, and this is what your users are looking for.

Time to Hire JavaScript Developers for Your Project

Time to hire JavaScript developers? Honestly, that’s probably a good idea.

The process doesn’t have to be time-consuming! We at Adeva have many experienced and well-trained developers who have a broad experience in building top-grade web apps for international clients. Our developers are best-of-class, pre-screened and ready to work. They have a solid grasp of the latest technologies and can translate their knowledge into fully functional products for a broad range of industries and businesses.