Tired of playing CTO and Recruiter?

We take care of screening, onboarding and payroll for your engineers, so you can focus on growing your business.

Hire a Developer
Tired of playing CTO and Recruiter?

Initial Pre-screen

Our detailed screening process starts with a pre-screen of all submitted applications. We've seen that senior developers perform best in a distributed environment, so at this step we focus on filtering the applicants based on their experience and skillset.

37.7% of applicants pass this step.

Communication & Aptitude Screening

Communication is the #1 skill in distributed teams. And wrong aptitude can be the main cause for bad teamwork. At this step, we make sure the developer has excellent communication skills and the right aptitude for working in a distributed environment.

19.4% of applicants pass this step.

In-depth Technical Assesment

We've developed a technical assessment that simulates a real-life experience to asses developers' technical skills, their approach to good software design practices, maintainability and testability of their code.

4.9% of applicants pass this step.

One-on-one Technical Interview

After passing the test assignment, every applicant goes through a technical interview with our tech leads, where they discuss the usage of good software design practices, performance and extendibility.

1.6% of applicants pass this step.

You Have the Final Word

Our vetting process takes all developers through technical, language and aptitude screening before they join our community. Still, the final word is yours. We want you to personally talk to the the selected developer and make sure they have your DNA before onboarding them to your team.

Developer Profiles

Work with hand-picked talent, evaluated with our thorough screening process