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How Givebutter Partnered with Adeva To Execute Their Product Roadmap

Founded in 2016, Givebutter is an all-in-one fundraising platform, powering over $100 million in donations. The platform enables nonprofits, teams, groups, and companies to set up fundraising pages, collect donations, and sell tickets to events — all with industry-low transaction fees and no monthly cost. As Givebutter started to expand and put in order an ambitious product roadmap, they needed to scale their team with highly experienced engineering talent fast while ensuring cost-effectiveness. This case study looks at how Givebutter met this challenge, connecting with Adeva as the best partner for scaling their engineering team capacity quickly.


The number one thing that impressed me the most is how fast Adeva brings spot-on tech consultants and the speed of their hiring process. All the consultants we've met through Adeva have consistently aligned with our requirements. They not only excelled in technical proficiency but also exemplified the highest levels of professionalism, adaptability to time zones, language mastery, industry experience, and exceptional communication.


As Givebutter geared up to enhance and implement their platform with an ambitious product roadmap in sight, there was a pressing need to scale their in-house engineering capabilities. Traditional hiring methods posed challenges, consuming excessive time and often missing the mark in hiring premier engineers for swift value delivery.


Confronted with a demanding product roadmap, Givebutter needed to hire highly experienced tech talent fast. Their search led them to Adeva, a global tech talent network connecting businesses with some of the world’s best talent. Adeva's meticulous vetting, transparent pricing, flexible contracts, and impressive portfolio of top-tier tech consultants positioned them as Givebutter's top pick.


  • Hired senior developers swiftly and within budget.
  • Platform development stayed on track with the product roadmap.
  • The platform was enhanced for greater scalability, stability, and clarity.
  • The consultants smoothly blended with Givebutter's existing team.
  • Achieved significant savings compared to traditional in-house recruitment.


Boosting Engineering Capacity for Rapid Expansion

As the world’s fastest-growing fundraising platform, Givebutter recognized the urgent need to enhance their engineering capabilities. Their small engineering team faced the demanding task of developing the platform and simultaneously introducing new features.

Liran Cohen, Givebutter’s co-founder and CTO, saw the immediate need to augment the engineering team. There was a pressing requirement to refactor significant portions of the codebase to improve scalability, robustness, and clarity. By doing so, they aimed to onboard additional engineers who could work on distinct code sections independently, setting the stage for the platform's next phase of growth.

Exploring hiring options, Givebutter considered everything from full-time hires to partnering with development agencies. Traditional hiring methods posed concerns regarding time and cost inefficiencies, potentially derailing their product roadmap. Ultimately, Givebutter prioritized more than just skill – they sought engineers who could integrate seamlessly into their team.


A Strategic Alliance with Adeva

Upon discovering Adeva through Laravel’s community, Givebutter felt they'd found a partner that truly understood their needs. Adeva, created by engineers, instantly grasped the challenges Givebutter faced in swiftly scaling their platform with top-notch tech experts.

Right away, Adeva connected Givebutter with a selection of skilled tech consultants. They met both technical requirements and soft skills to ensure Givebutter stayed on track with their product roadmap. What stood out was how quickly Adeva presented candidates who were ready to start within days. These candidates were tailored to Givebutter's needs, from technical expertise to time zones, language skills, experience, and communication.

Another feature that particularly stood out for Givebutter was Adeva's ease of integration. Adeva's professionals were ready to blend into the team swiftly, reducing the usual lengthy onboarding and maintaining steady work progress.


Timely Product Roadmap Execution and Enhanced User Experience

In collaboration with Adeva, Givebutter fortified its platform's scalability. The rapid refactoring of the codebase, facilitated by the enhanced engineering expertise provided by Adeva, allowed Givebutter to recalibrate its objectives. The focus shifted to timely execution of the product roadmap, which unlocked new horizons for both Givebutter and its supporters.

With Adeva as a strategic ally, Givebutter successfully rolled out a substantial update to its digital events features. This update empowered supporters to not only purchase tickets for online events but also to donate in real-time and engage dynamically with fellow supporters on the platform.

“On the engineering side, growth will be a mix of full-time and part-time staff, and Adeva will definitely be part of the picture. We have moved so much faster with Adeva than we would have been able to on our own, and there are clear benefits in having more capacity and more really smart people on the team. Using Adeva over hiring in-house has also been cost-effective.”

Liran Cohen - Co-founder and CTO, Givebutter

Givebutter has ambitious plans to revamp its product and introduce major updates in the near future. As the company experiences robust internal growth, it anticipates expanding its team by at least 50% in the upcoming year. With Adeva as their trusted tech partner, Givebutter is poised to advance with innovation, staying on budget and efficiently realizing their product vision.

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