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Adeva is created with the vision to bring equal opportunities to developers everywhere. We're a remote community, built by developers for developers.

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Founders of Adeva

Our vision is to bring equal opportunities to all developers around the world, no matter their location, gender or race.

Founders of Adeva

Starting our professional career in a small European country, it felt like great opportunities were reserved for others. Exciting projects were entitled to developers in global tech centers. What usually came to our hands were outdated technologies and tedious projects.

We decided to do something about this. We built Adeva with the vision to bring equal opportunities to developers everywhere. We built it for us, and for everyone else who’s been caught in the trap of being a second-rate citizen in the software world.

Our community welcomes members from all over the globe, helping them join amazing remote teams, grow professionally, and be recognized as technology leaders.

Adeva Developers are Conference Speakers

Conference Speakers

Adeva's Community is built to empower developers to grow professionally. And, our Speakers' Network is one of our efforts to achieve that.

Conference speaking can help you build your reputation as a technology leader, make friendships with amazing people from the global community, or just have fun. Our team of experienced speakers is here to support you through the journey.

Technology Leaders

Adeva's Community empowers developers to grow professionally and become technology leaders. We're passionate about technology, development trends, and sharing knowledge. And we make sure each of our members shares the same passion, too.

Being part of Adeva's Community means you get unique opportunities to learn, grow, and become recognized as a technology leader.

Adeva Developers are Technology Leaders
Adeva Developers are Technology Leaders

Open Source Contributors

Adeva resolves around the community and open source goes hand in hand with community. We depend on open source, we use it daily, but how often do we contribute to the projects we love?

Open source contribution can help you learn a new technology, collaborate in a diverse, distributed team, or simply give back to the community. With Adeva Labs, you can start with it in no time. Our team of strong open-sourcers is here to help!