What is Adeva?


Adeva is a startup company that helps startups and enterprises hire world-class talent from around the globe. Our vision is to bring untapped word-class talent to hyper-growing tech companies and help them launch international careers. Using unconventional approaches for sourcing, screening and evaluating engineers, we are constantly growing our talent community.

We aim to provide high-paying and long-term jobs to the talent we are working with. We are not a marketplace where companies try to hire someone at the lowest rates.

Why should I use Adeva?


Adeva is the simplest and most efficient way to hire world-class tech talent. After receiving a job description from any of the carefully selected tech companies we partner with, we handpick highly qualified candidates from our talent community.

Each of these individuals is evaluated through a detailed screening process executed by our technical team and supported by artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • Streamline hiring and onboarding – we simplify sourcing, screening, payroll and billing to save companies time, costs, and headaches on compliance and invoicing.
  • Find the right fit In 2 weeks – we lower companies’ opportunity costs and keep their projects on track by hiring highly qualified candidates available to start in under 2 weeks.
  • Scale your engineering teams affordably – we work with developers globally so our pricing is more affordable than any staffing agency.


What types of talent will I find in Adeva?


Currently, we match tech companies with full-time and part-time UX/UI designers, software engineers, and quality assurance engineers. Our network has entrepreneurial minds as well, with many previous co-founders and CTOs.

Can I bring Adeva talent on-site?


Yes, if there is a need, there is a possibility for the engineers to travel for a specified period of time.

Do I need to be concerned about confidentiality or IP rights?


Every member of our talent network has agreed to a confidentiality clause in their agreement to keep your information safe and secure.

Who owns the legal rights to the work created by Adeva developers?


The client. Adeva is in the business of supplying world-class talent, not collecting intellectual property. All work created by any of our world-class talents is a property of the client and that is outlined in the mutual agreements.

How does your sourcing and screening process ensure quality candidates?


We have a really rigorous sourcing and screening process.

The sourcing and pre-screening process is done by machine learning algorithms. Depending on the profile of the candidates, in the pre-evaluation phase our machine learning algorithms review sample code, algorithmic skills, CS fundamentals and overall online presence of the talent.

After the pre-evaluation process, we screen language skills, personality, and domain-specific knowledge. Each of the developers is asked to complete a personality test and few phases interview process to ensure their skills.

Are English skills ever an issue when working with Adeva developers?


No. Each and every member of our network is fluent in English. Language assessment is the first phase of our evaluation process.

What methods of payment do you accept?


Currently, we accept only wire transfers.

How often will I be charged? How are payments and invoices handled?


We typically invoice our clients twice a month. However, there is some flexibility here so the billing cycles can be extended to once per month.