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Our team is always open for new contributors to bring fresh tips, opinions, research, and thought leadership about the ever-changing world of technology.

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Joining Adeva's Technical Writers Program is a great way to expand your portfolio and get more exposure.

The blog attracts more than 30K views monthly, and our audience ranges from developers, designers, project managers, and C-level executives to technology enthusiasts, and startup owners. We want to give you space to contribute to this dynamically growing community.

Contributing to Adeva's blog will be a great honor for us and a fantastic opportunity for you. Whether you are a software engineer, a team leader, or a project manager, writing about your experiences and knowledge from the tech industry will get you exposure and the chance to expand your portfolio.

Before you send us a pitch, please take the time to review our writing guidelines and how you can send a submission.

Our primary audience is technical people, including developers, designers, project managers, C-level executives, technology enthusiasts, and startup owners

The blog is divided into two parts, an engineering blog, and a business blog. The engineering blog revolves around highly technical content. Blog posts in this section are in-depth tutorials and how-to guides on a range of tech concepts geared towards developers.

The business blog focuses on trending topics like remote work, the future of work, agile talent, startups, and the workplace. Blog posts in this section are geared towards business-oriented readers.

Why is this important? The most effective writers have a clear concept of who they are writing for. By having the target audience in mind, you will have an easier time putting together a post that brings value to the reader.

What is the payout structure?

Authors receive $200 per tutorial or in-depth guide.

We issue payment on the second week of every month. Payment is available through Payoneer, PayPal, and wire transfer. Please note that some payments might take few days to be processed. If you do not receive your payment within ten days from the issue date, please get in touch.

You will be asked to send your invoice after your post has been successfully reviewed and published on the website.

What should I write about?

Each month, we’re focusing on a few specific topic areas, and we’re looking for authors who understand and can write in-depth resources on those topics.

Please find the topics here.

Once you’ve identified your topic, please fill out the application below. We are encouraging you to submit topics outside of the list too.

Here are some general tips for our guest writers. Keep them in mind both when sending your idea and when writing your article if we accept your pitch.

  • Your content should be unique and provide real value to the reader.
  • Quality over quantity. Every word you type should bring meaning.
  • The blog posts should be readable. Make sure you use headings, shorter sentences, and divide your text into smaller paragraphs.
  • Please make your content data-rich. Use relevant data to support your claims.
  • When using external research, please state your source.
  • Don't forget to write and include your short biography at the end of the text.
  • Avoid using GIFs instead of regular images. Always choose regular images that are relevant to the topic.

As we have a clearly defined audience, we're picky about the topics to which you can contribute. Before you submit your pitch idea, make sure it falls under one of the following topics:

  • Tutorials, tips, and guides for developers. These posts can revolve around the most popular programming languages. Our primary focus is everything software related.
  • Tutorials, tips, and guides for startup founders, CTOs, product owners, and other people who need help building their product. Possible topics of focus include digital transformation, open-source for business, agile talent, and the future of work.

Once your content is published on our website, it becomes a sole property of Adeva. You may use it as a reference source, or share it externally with a canonical link (URL) that leads to the original blog post page.

If you submit an application and do not hear from our content team within two weeks, your application has not been approved.

Even if your initial application is approved, your final post can be declined by the content team if it is not written according to guidelines.

Authors who are new to the program will not be allowed to send a second pitch until their first post has been successfully published on the website.

What we don't accept:

  • Interview-style posts.
  • Posts related to a specific topic such as scaling, hiring, interviewing, business guides, and personal stories.
  • Opinion-based stories.
  • Posts that have already been published on another website.
  • Posts that are irrelevant to our target audience.

Read carefully the following guidelines to learn more about the content submission process:

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Make sure you provide a detailed outline for your post. We don't accept posts that have a missing or vague outline. Finished posts that haven't been previously approved by the content team will be rejected.
  • Wait for someone from the content team to reach out with the next steps.
  • If you don't hear from the content team in a few days, your submission has been rejected.
  • If your post is approved, someone from the content team will get in touch with more information on the next steps.
  • Don't start writing the post unless the content team gives you the green light.
  • Once you get the green light, you can start writing.
  • Submit the completed post for a review. The post can be sent in a Google document or in Dropbox Paper. If your post contains code blocks, please use Dropbox Paper.
  • The content team will review it and reach out with feedback. Please give a few days for the review process to take place.
  • You will receive an email from the content team informing you whether your post has passed the review or has been rejected. For your post to be approved, make sure you follow our writing guidelines.
  • Accepted posts will be queued for publishing.
  • We only accept 100% unique blog posts. Plagiarism or already published articles are strictly forbidden.

Keep in mind that our content team reserves the right to decline your written post if you didn’t follow the guidelines.

We're excited to see your application! We'll review your submission and get back to you with the next steps within one week.