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  • What is Adeva?

    Adeva is an exclusive, on-demand developers network that connects the world’s top engineers with leading enterprise organizations and startups.

  • How is Adeva different?

    Adeva is not a mass talent marketplace. Our first priority, now and always, is maintaining an exclusive and incredibly selective network of tech talent. Every individual that is part of Adeva has gone through 4 steps evaluation process. Even though that is demanding and time-consuming process for both the developers and the company, we are commited to selecting the best talent available on the market.

  • What types of talent will I find in Adeva?

    Developers, Designers and QA Enginers.

  • Who owns the legal rights to the work created by Adeva engineers?

    The client. Adeva is in the business of supplying world-class talent, not collecting intellectual property. All work created by any of our world-class talents is a property of the client and that is outlined in the mutual agreements.