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Adeva is an Exclusive Developers Community. We partner with companies to Scale Engineering Teams On-demand.

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"We explored diversity in the workplace and discovered that it brings creativity and more productive work culture. And we learned how to be smarter in recruitment".

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Improved model for building your own teams

Talk to your personal talent assistant

Your personal talent assistant will work with you to understand your requirements, team structure, and working style, to make sure we match you with the right candidate.

Get your hand-picked talent

We examine your requirements, look through our network of pre-screened candidates and verify you have a first-rate problem solver and excellent fit for your team.

Culture fit guarantee

Our team checks for more than just technical skills. We make sure your candidate fits your company culture and would work at maximum potential as part of your team.

Ongoing support

You get full administrative and HR coverage and constant support for professional development and coaching of your team, so you focus on growing your business.

Build your team

Work with hand-picked talent, evaluated with our thorough screening process

World-class designers


Extend your team with designers to help you create a prototype, design the concept of your product and give it live.

Popular Roles

  • Prototype Designer
  • Concept Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • UX and UI Designer
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World-class developers


Extend your team with software engineers to help you build great products with modern technologies and boost your development process.

Popular Roles

  • Backend Engineer
  • Frontend Engineer
  • DevOps
  • AI Engineer
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World-class QA engineers


Quality assurance engineers can help you improve the quality of your product by automating the testing or doing it manually.

Popular Roles

  • Automation Testing Engineer
  • Manual Testing Engineer
  • Performance Testing Engineer
  • Test Documentation Engineer
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When I was starting the online gallery, the biggest challenge I faced was how to visualize the product of Bokeh Art. Adeva's team came up with a pioneer solution to this problem. Thanks to them, Bokeh Art became the first online gallery worldwide to use 3d models as a way to visualize the product.

Nataliya Bilyushova​ for Adeva

Nataliya Bilyushova​

Founder, Bokeh Art

Adeva's team is simply the best! They actually understand the development challenge and the long-term effects of their work. They've helped turn my product into something I could have only dreamed of.

Chris Hirst for Adeva

Chris Hirst

Founder, Mater Marketing

Finally a team that is honest, good at programming, and at understanding of the task at hand. Working with Adeva is a total relief and pleasure.

Walker Lunn for Adeva

Walker Lunn

Founder, Grid Waste

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Work with hand-picked talent, evaluated with our thorough screening process