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How Imgur Leveraged Adeva to Expedite the Launch of Their Gaming Meme App and Elevate User Engagement

Founded in 2009, Imgur started as an image-hosting service mainly for Reddit. They quickly grew popular for sharing memes, GIFs, and other images. When Imgur was launching Melee, their new gaming meme app, they needed to scale their team with high-profile engineering talent fast while also ensuring cost-effectiveness. This case study looks at how Imgur met this challenge, finding Adeva as the best way to get top tech consultants quickly.


Adeva has added tremendous value for us. The tech consultants we hired through Adeva enabled Imgur to launch products with a high quality within a time frame that absolutely would not have been possible without them.


As Imgur geared up to launch Melee, their latest gaming meme app, the need for specialized talent who could immediately integrate and contribute was paramount. Conventional hiring approaches fell short in securing international tech experts who excelled both technically and in communication. Further complicating matters were the rising expenses tied to full-time recruits and the drawn-out nature of their hiring process. The hunt was on for top-tier professionals who not only had the expertise but also fit seamlessly into Imgur's culture.


Facing an urgent product release, Imgur needed top talent fast. They turned to Adeva, a global talent network known for connecting companies with top tech experts. Adeva stood out with their quick hiring process, flexible contracts, rigorous vetting process, easy integration, and clear pricing. It was a perfect fit for Imgur's immediate needs.


Melee's launch was accelerated, seeing the light of day twice as fast as anticipated. Engineers from Adeva integrated seamlessly with Imgur's teams, bolstering their in-house capabilities. This not only allowed for faster and more efficient project completions but also positioned Imgur to drive innovative solutions, adding immense value to their bottom line.


Tackling Tech Talent Shortages for Imgur's New Venture.

Imgur, a renowned image-hosting platform born as a solution for Reddit, has garnered a mammoth user base of 300 million, ranking it among the top 15 sites in the U.S. However, as they ventured into uncharted territories with Melee, their gaming meme app, they encountered significant roadblocks.

Imgur's main obstacle was the insufficient in-house engineering expertise required to develop Melee. Given the app's imminent launch, there was an acute need for engineering talent that could instantly integrate and contribute. While sourcing such skills locally in San Francisco was challenging due to prohibitive costs, the initial hesitation to look internationally was swiftly overcome as they recognized the value and quality they could obtain overseas. Though many of these global candidates showcased impressive technical capabilities, some lacked the clarity in communication essential for the role.

With time of the essence, Imgur sought a rapid and effective recruitment solution to align with their goals.


Partnering with Adeva for Strategic Success

At this critical juncture, Imgur discovered Adeva, a company that was not only founded by engineers but also one that comprehensively understood the intricacies and challenges tied to building and scaling product and engineering teams on a global scale.

Adeva offered a wide range of skilled engineers, covering both modern and specialized tech areas. This ensured Imgur could find the exact expertise they needed.

One aspect that Imgur particularly appreciated was Adeva's thorough talent evaluation process. It was clear they maintained high standards, with a comprehensive screening system that covered background checks, compliance evaluations, and regular performance assessments.

Previously, Imgur faced challenges in recruiting tech consultants quickly. However, with Adeva's streamlined approach, they were able to hire tech consultants in just 7 days.

Another feature that particularly stood out for Imgur was Adeva's ease of integration. Adeva's professionals were ready to blend into Imgur's teams swiftly, reducing the usual lengthy onboarding and maintaining steady work progress.

Throughout the partnership, Imgur acknowledged Adeva's consistent client service, which took care of aspects from onboarding and background checks to contracts and billing. This efficient approach enabled Imgur to strengthen their teams quickly, thus boosting project timelines.

All in all, by partnering with Adeva, Imgur was better equipped to realize their tech goals and continue on a path of growth.


Expedited Melee Launch and Enhanced User Engagement

After examining Adeva's tailored hiring system and their thorough vetting process, Imgur's leaders realized Adeva quickly and deeply understood their needs. This recognition led to a partnership, beginning with one engineer for Melee. Over time, as the relationship thrived, Imgur added three more Adeva engineers: two for Melee and two for their primary product.

Under Adeva's influence, Imgur saw notable changes. The launch of Melee, initially plagued by delays, proceeded at twice the anticipated speed. More than the launch, Adeva's engineers effortlessly integrated into Imgur's existing teams, amplifying their workforce and streamlining project execution.

But the collaboration didn't stop there. Adeva engineers introduced dynamic innovations like animated ad tiles, replacing the previously static ones on Imgur. They also played a crucial role in developing a digital advertising project, which, although not flashy, became pivotal to Imgur's revenue stream by creating an auction system for ad slots.

These projects undoubtedly bolstered Imgur's financial performance. With Adeva's help, Imgur moved from being short on resources to realizing its full potential and enhancing its profits.

"The combination of technical strength and a seamless onboarding process has not only saved us time but also enhanced our product-development capacity cost-effectively. While it's hard to quantify each project's ROI, collectively, the engineers we hired through Adeva had a tremendous impact on our bottom line."

Muts Inayama, Head of Product & Engineering, Imgur

Imgur’s journey with Melee and Adeva underscores the pivotal role the right partnership can play in navigating the volatile terrains of tech development and scaling. With the right allies, not only can challenges be surmounted, but they can be transformed into stepping stones for unprecedented success.

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