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Adeva is a global talent network, where companies and people grow together. Join as a partner and provide your community with world-class talent to accelerate their growth.

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Whether you're a VC, an accelerator, a digital or staffing agency responsible for your clients' talent needs or a startup leader - we'd love to support your work. Please join us in changing the way companies hire and enabling the future of work.

Help your startups grow faster

Are you a venture capital fund, startup accelerator, or other startup-enabling organization? Become Adeva partner and help your entrepreneurs growth with speed, scale, and affordability.

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Create new revenue streams

Are you a consultancy company, digital agency, staffing agency or you know people in tech? Become Adeva partner and earn by knowing people.

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Find implementation experts for your technology

Do you have your own technology and you need trained implementation engineers? Become Adeva partner and earn while growing your company.

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