Adeva Won the Growth Driver Award at the Docusign Customer  Awards 2024

New York City, New York, April, 12th 2024 — Adeva, the global network of tech talent, has been named a Growth Driver on the prestigious Docusign Customer Awards 2024.

This award highlights Adeva’s community-centric approach to tech hiring providing access to elite talent within 48 hours. With a rigorous vetting process, Adeva is changing the way modern leaders build and scale their product and engineering teams with talent from over 40 countries globally and streamlined agreements between individuals and organizations.

"We are honored to be recognized as a Growth Driver on the Docusign Customer Awards 2024," said Aleksandra Simeonova, Chief Financial Officer at Adeva. “This award is a recognition of the ideas of Adeva and what it represents: a go-to place where the world’s best talent and the world's best organizations connect to succeed on their own terms.”

Every year, Docusign recognizes organizations that have made significant progress and achieved success in simplifying agreement processes. International payroll and compliance being at the backbone of their business model, Docusign has been a strategic partner in supporting our global expansion. These awards stand for the transformative impact of Docusign in achieving operational excellence. Adeva is proud to be among the industry leaders who are reshaping the business sectors through innovation and collaboration.

For further information, please reach out to us at [email protected].

About Adeva

Adeva is a global talent network that connects companies with the world's best product and tech talent. Established with the vision to empower individuals and organizations to succeed on their terms, they are changing the way modern tech leaders build teams at scale.

Hundreds of companies like Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Imgur, and Deltatre work with Adeva to scale their product and engineering teams quickly and effectively.

About Docusign

Docusign redefined how the world agrees with eSignature. It is an American company that allows organizations to manage electronic agreements with electronic signatures on different devices. As of 2024, Docusign has about 1.5 million clients in 180 countries.

About Docusign Customer Awards 2024

The annual awards, Docusign Customer Awards, honor organizations and individuals who harness the power of Docusign to achieve remarkable results. With over 380 nominations from 21 countries across various industries and company sizes, the recipients were recognized for their innovative and effective implementation of Docusign and their significant impact on business. There are six award categories: Digital Transformation, Customer Experience Excellence, Innovation in Action, IMPACT, Change Champions, and Growth Driver.