Scale your engineering team smarter and faster.

Adeva works with a global community of world-class engineers. We take charge of the screening, onboarding and professional growth of your developers. You focus on growing your business.

Scale your engineering team

Get acess to pre-screened, remote developers.

Scale your engineering team in 2 weeks
2 weeks
ramp up time

We’ve built a community of pre-screened developers, ready to join your team in less than 2 weeks.

Scale your engineering team - 100% fit for teams
fit for your team

We take all developers through an aptitude and personality screening to make sure they’re the perfect fit for you.

Scale your engineering team with 0 risk

We trust our vetting process. We'd like to give you an opportunity to try it before you trust it.


of applicants pass our detailed screening process.


saved in hidden hiring costs by reducing employee turnover.


months on average before a company hires more developers.


of developer contracts are extended more than once.

Work with the best

Adeva Developers' Community is a global network of world-class engineers. Everyone in our community is pre-screened and hand-picked before offered. Our developers have been trusted by companies like:

The future of work is remote

Choose "the best" over "the best you can afford within a commuting radius of your office".

The future of work is remote

This Is Why Remote Work Is the Future of Your Startup

Remote work is becoming a common practice nowadays. The technology has advanced so much that you can call anyone on the other side of the world and feel like you’re talking to your friend next door. Having amazing talent distributed around the world, why would we limit our choices to a small geographic region?

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Productivity Battle: Remote vs. In-Office Workers

As more jobs become tied to computers and more millennials enter the workforce, working from home is rapidly becoming a growing trend. Is working from home more productive than working from the office? Traditional leaders will tell you that working in-office leads to an improved employee productivity, while remote workers will prove them wrong. Who’s right?

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Productivity Battle: Remote vs. In-Office Workers
Agile processes in distributed teams

Implementing Agile Processes in Distributed Teams

When thinking about working with remote teams, companies are hesitant about moving their agile processes online. They have established a regular meeting schedule, daily stand-ups, retrospectives, their team is tight and works together from the same office. Everything works fine just the way it is. How would you achieve all of it by working remotely?

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You have options

There are thousands of development options, from offshore companies to freelance platforms. We founded Adeva to create a better value: find the best developers in the world and embed them into your team.

Criteria Adeva Employment Agencies
Ramp Up Time 1-2 Weeks 1-4 Months 1-3 Months
Recruiting Fee $0 $0 $10-40k
Quality Guarantee Quality Guarantee Quality Guarantee Quality Guarantee
Failure Rate Very Low Low High
Prescreening Quality Guarantee Quality Guarantee Quality Guarantee
Termination Costs Low Very High Very High