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Laravel vs. Symfony Mauro Chojrin

Laravel vs. Symfony: A Side by Side Comparison

by Mauro Chojrin

When facing the start of a brand new PHP application, there is one decision that can’t be overlooked: which framework should you use? Theoret...
Introduction To Queues In NodeJS Ikeh Akinyemi

An Introduction To Queues In Node.js

by Ikeh Akinyemi

Within this tutorial, we’ll cover Queues in JavaScript. We'll make an introduction to what Queue is, look at different scenarios that need the...
The Battle of the Ecommerce Giants Milan Savov

The Battle of the Ecommerce Giants: WordPress vs. Shopify vs. Wix vs. Magento

by Milan Savov

When it comes to choosing the right eCommerce platform, there are many factors to be considered before making a decision. It’s perfectly...
An In-Depth Guide to API Authentication With Laravel Passport Farhan Hasin Chowdhury

An In-Depth Guide to API Authentication With Laravel Passport

by Farhan Hasin Chowdhury

Among all the features that Laravel provides out of the box, the authentication packages get the most attention from any newcomer. The fact that...
Automated Accessibility Testing For Svelte Applications using AXE and GitHub Actions Nwani Victory

Automated Accessibility Testing for Svelte Applications using AXE and GitHub Actions

by Nwani Victory

In this tutorial, you will learn by doing. You will identify accessibility issues in a pre-built Svelte application using both Axe-core DevTools...
Node js vs Java Boemo Wame Mmopelwa

Node.js vs Java: Side by Side Comparison

by Boemo Wame Mmopelwa

Choosing the suitable backend technology to use in your software project can be hectic. Factors such as scalability, performance, and...
Uma Victor

Build a CRUD App With Only JSON Files Using a Node.js API

by Uma Victor

When building a small web app or just testing out an API that needs to perform CRUD operations, using a database like (Mongo, Mysql) can be...
Building Node.js APIs with Sails.js Fortune Ikechi

Building Node.js APIs with Sails.js

by Fortune Ikechi

Building APIs and user interfaces with JavaScript can be an advantage for small and large teams. However, building easy-to-deploy and scalable...
ethical recruitment Dragana Delova

Ethical Recruitment: A Quick Look at the Most Important Aspects

by Dragana Delova

Most recruiters have one goal: to find people that will be good, productive members of the team. However, there is another type of recruitment...
Build A Headless Trello Clone With Fauna SDK, TypeScript And Vercel CLI@2x Ikeh Akinyemi

Build A Headless Trello Clone With Fauna SDK, TypeScript, and Vercel CLI

by Ikeh Akinyemi

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to build a headless Trello clone, a backend-only content management system using TypeScript, set up FaunaDB...
smart maturity assessment Alexandre Couedelo

How to Build a “Smarter” DevOps Roadmap — The SMART Maturity Assessment Method

by Alexandre Couedelo

Last year, I was tasked with creating a roadmap to raise the DevOps Maturity of our product development teams. I needed to assess how far we...
effective one-on-one meetings for engineering managers Tosho Trajanov

Running Effective One-on-One Meetings as an Engineering Manager [7 Tips & Tricks]

by Tosho Trajanov

Effective one-on-one meetings are the cornerstone of a good manager and employee relationship. Learn how to run effective meetings with these...
nodejs architecture Tosho Trajanov

Node.js Architecture: Most Common Problems and How to Fix Them

by Tosho Trajanov

Get this: According to Stack Overflow 2019 survey, Node.js is the most popular tool in the “Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools” category with...
nodejs developer skills Tosho Trajanov

Top 6 Expert Skills Every Node.js Developer Should Have

by Tosho Trajanov

Believe it or not, Indeed reported that the number of job searches for Node.js rose by 57% last year. It just goes to show how quickly the...
java coding Tosho Trajanov

5 Best and Worst Practices in Java Coding

by Tosho Trajanov

Are you a junior Java developer who wants to land his first job? Are you eager to discover how you can develop sophisticated solutions with your...