Hire Laravel Developers within 5 days

Hire Laravel Developers within 5 days

Adeva helps innovative companies and start-ups hire Laravel Developers and overcome the tech talent shortage. We are a global tech community for Laravel Developers who have proven experience in handling projects of varying complexity.

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Hire Great Laravel Developers for Your Team

Hire great Laravel Developers

Laravel Programming Benefits For Business

Laravel has become the #1 PHP framework on the market in terms of usage. It’s a free, open-source framework for creating elegant applications, delivered at warp speed. Laravel is also the most starred PHP framework on GitHub, voted by more than 45,000 developers from around the globe.

But from a business point, what makes Laravel so irresistible? Does it have to do with its elegant syntax or its database agnostic migrations and schema builder?

Well, it turns out that there are three major reasons for Laravel’s popularity among businesses:

  • Businesses are attracted to Laravel’s price, quality, and speed.
  • Number two is the community. Hundreds of people are contributing to the Laravel code and share their knowledge. They create various blogs, podcasts, and tutorials.
  • Maintainability. What does this mean? It means that for example, if one developer or team of developers start the project, and then for some reason, you have another team of developers joining the team, it’ll be quite easy for them to understand the code and get up-to-date.

Reasons for Using Laravel in Your Web Development

A number of well-established companies have chosen Laravel for their web development. Thanks to this expressive framework, they managed to create amazing projects that can still blow your mind with their simplicity and elegance.

Take a look at startups.co. They managed to create a platform that tracks more than 800,000 startups and provides access to 13+ registered users.

Another amazing example of what Laravel can do is bonappetour.com, a community marketplace that is something like an Airbnb-style social restaurant. It connects travelers with local home chefs for an unforgettable dining experience. It’s available in over 75 cities around the world and has more than 500 verified hosts.

And let’s not skip Laracasts, the most popular e-learning site that provides educational resources for working developers building the web with PHP and JavaScript. The site updates daily and is free to every subscriber.

Development with Laravel is an enjoyable and creative experience. It’s not called “the PHP framework for web artisans” for nothing. Businesses love using it because:

  • It has an elegant syntax: the code is elegant, simple and readable.
  • It’s tailored for any team: whether you have a team of one or 20 people, Laravel can keep everyone in sync with the help of its database agnostic migrations and schema builder.
  • Simple authentication: Laravel makes implementing authentication incredibly simple. Nearly everything is configured out-of-the-box.
  • Integration with tools to build web application faster: the framework supports some of the most popular backends, including Redis and Memcached.
  • Secure web applications: Laravel can protect the web application against some of the most serious security risks, including cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection.
  • Painless routing: you can easily group routes, attach filters, and create resources for CRUD pages.
  • Powerful queue library: Laravel queues offer a unified API across a wide range of queue backends, including Beanstalk, Redis, and Amazon SQS.

Why Hire a Laravel Developer?

Experienced Laravel developers have many skills

Hiring Laravel developers is a smart decision because they have many skills to offer. Some of these skills include:

  • Knowledge of databases.
  • Efficiency and speed.
  • Knowledge of code versioning tools.
  • Possesses error-handling skills.
  • Experience with various design patterns and principles.
  • Understanding of different algorithms and OOP concepts.

Laravel developers have an in-depth knowledge of PHP

This is another major reason why you should hire Laravel developers. They already have an understanding of PHP and can build modern, user-friendly, and easily maintainable websites. You’ll save a great deal on coding time, reduce development costs, and have a high-quality product to launch on the market.

Laravel developers are skilled in a wide range of industry verticals

When you hire Laravel developers, you get skilled professionals who have experience working in a wide array of industry verticals. Whether you’re in the healthcare, e-commerce, or banking industry, Laravel developers can cater to all kinds of startups and small businesses.

Laravel developers know what the customer wants

Today, people want to see good-looking frontends, pages that open quickly, and easy-to-use web applications. Laravel developers can build your web application with these requirements in mind.

Time to Hire Laravel Developers for Your Project

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you should hire Laravel developers for your web application project. Not only that you’ll save money on development costs, but you’ll also have an amazing product built by skilled developers in the arranged time frame.

If you’re looking to hire Laravel developers, then look no further! We at Adeva have exactly what you need: highly-experienced Laravel developers, skilled in the Laravel framework and PHP. You can be convinced that our developers will spare no effort to make your web application project a major success.

We’ve also put together a list of the most critical questions you should be asking any Laravel developer. Use this resource to evaluate the breadth and depth of a candidate’s proficiency in Laravel and make the perfect hire.