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How Tiko Overcame Tech Hiring Challenges and Accelerated Reproductive Health Projects with Adeva

Founded in 2014, Tiko (formerly Triggerise) is a forward-thinking non-profit committed to creating scalable and verified impacts in sexual reproductive health for sub-Saharan African youth. As they expanded across six sub-Saharan countries, they encountered significant challenges in efficiently scaling their tech team with top-tier tech talent. This case study explores how Tiko confronted these challenges, discovering Adeva as their solution for timely and proficient tech talent acquisition.


Adeva's contribution has been instrumental. The tech consultants we sourced through them enabled us to clear project backlogs and drive our infrastructure development at an unprecedented pace.


As Tiko expanded into new regions, they needed an updated software system. The challenge was the limited availability of senior tech talent who could jump in immediately and add value. While agencies offered senior engineers, the frequent switch-outs with juniors were resource-intensive and stalled projects.


A colleague's recommendation led Tiko to Adeva, a global talent network known for quickly connecting companies with seasoned tech professionals. What stood out for Tiko was Adeva's clear understanding of their needs, the transparent fees, and the option to bring on talent as Tiko employees at a later date.


  • Eliminate talent shortages and project stagnation: Tiko, dealing with talent shortages for specific roles, partnered with Adeva to access a broader talent pool. This collaboration helped overcome the difficulties in hiring for specialized positions and enabled Tiko to tap into expertise from regions with limited hiring reach.
  • Accelerate infrastructure project completion: Leveraging the tech consultants they hired through Adeva, Tiko managed to speed up their infrastructure projects, which led to swift and efficient completions.
  • Establish a lasting partnership: Adeva's commitment to quality and collaboration laid the foundation for a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with Tiko.


An Expanding Non-Profit Grappling with Tech Talent Deficits

Tiko was on a mission: to transform sexual reproductive health in sub-Saharan Africa with an innovative digital platform. This platform was designed not just as a tool but as a bridge to close the existing information gap, ensuring that vital health resources reached those who needed them most. As their influence grew and they ventured into new territories, the urgency to augment their digital infrastructure intensified. But there was a catch.

Despite their dedicated recruitment efforts, finding the right tech talent remained challenging. They explored outsourcing agencies, which initially seemed to be the answer. But soon, a pattern emerged: senior engineers would be replaced by juniors. This not only meant constant onboarding and training but also disrupted the project's momentum. Operating under-capacity for prolonged periods wasn't an option for Tiko. The stakes were high; they couldn't afford delays. They desperately needed tech professionals who could not only fit in but lead the charge to ensure continuity and progression.


Adeva - The Perfect Tech Talent Partner for Tiko

While searching for the ideal talent solution, Adeva, a global talent network, was recommended to Tiko by a colleague. They quickly established a strong rapport with Adeva, particularly over their shared understanding of technical challenges. This mutual understanding stemmed largely from the fact that Adeva was founded by engineers who intuitively grasped the intricacies and nuances of software development.

One of the standout features that Adeva brought to the table was their lightning-fast introduction of the right talent as a result of their communities. They committed to presenting Tiko with a selection of senior candidates in just a week. And they didn’t just deliver on speed; the quality was impeccable. Every candidate Adeva provided was a seasoned expert who perfectly aligned with Tiko's strict criteria.

Moreover, Adeva's approach to integration was seamless. They ensured the talent they provided could effortlessly blend into Tiko's existing team, which facilitated a smooth transition and immediate contribution to ongoing projects.

Adeva's appeal extended beyond its transparent practices, especially with their unique conversion program that allowed for converting part-time tech consultants into full-time team members.

Initially, Tiko sought Adeva's services to boost their short to mid-term capacities. However, they soon realized the potential for long-term team development through Adeva's conversion program. This program enabled Tiko to assess the fit of Adeva's engineers within their projects and, if they proved to be an excellent match, to seamlessly transition them into full-time, core team positions. This opportunity to first evaluate and then commit to the right talent for permanent roles was a key benefit of Adeva's offering.


Tiko's Tech Projects Supercharged by Adeva's Expertise

The collaboration with Adeva brought transformative results for Tiko. Despite being an NGO, they felt equitable treatment from Adeva, which was pivotal in building trust.

The proactive engagement from Adeva's Client Partner streamlined processes and accelerated project timelines. The Client Partner actively facilitated communication, anticipated needs, and swiftly addressed any challenges that arose. By doing so, they ensured a smooth operation of processes and preemptively solved potential issues.

Adeva's business model, centered around collaborating with independent talent, provides a distinct advantage in maintaining team consistency. For Tiko, this meant the ability to work with the same selected professionals throughout their projects. This approach ensured a deeper understanding of their specific requirements and contributed to a more seamless and effective project execution.

The consistent partnership with the consultants hired through Adeva played a pivotal role in empowering Tiko's engineering team. The consultants brought on board weren't just relevant; they were vital to the success of the projects.

Their technical skills were top-notch, demonstrating a deep understanding of complex programming languages and systems. This expertise was crucial in efficiently tackling and clearing out Tiko's project backlog. Moreover, these consultants brought more than just technical prowess; they also excelled in soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.

This combination of advanced technical abilities and strong interpersonal skills enabled them to integrate seamlessly into Tiko's teams. They contributed significantly to the project's momentum, offering insightful solutions and innovative approaches. Their involvement ensured that each project not only progressed but did so with a level of quality and efficiency that only such seasoned professionals could provide.

“The partnership with Adeva has accelerated our tech projects and instilled confidence in our hiring decisions. Their consistent delivery and understanding of our needs have made a remarkable difference.”

Nelson Nogueira, CTO at Tiko

Moving forward, Tiko sees a continued partnership with Adeva. They've been impressed by the consistent service and believe in relying on Adeva for their future talent needs. While they may not be their biggest clients, they've always felt valued by Adeva. The collaboration has been productive, and Tiko hopes to maintain this momentum, believing that Adeva will play a pivotal role in helping them reach their long-term goals.

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