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How a Leading Healthcare Provider Expedited the Delivery of 30+ Projects with Adeva

This case study explores how a forefront runner in the healthcare and life sciences industry overcame their pressing hiring challenges by partnering with Adeva. The client, recognized globally for their advanced analytics, technology solutions, and clinical research services, faced obstacles in rapidly scaling their technology teams to deliver timely projects to Fortune 500 companies across various industries. The expansion was delayed by rigid delivery methods provided by traditional vendors.

By turning to Adeva, the client took a strategic step to overcome these challenges. The partnership streamlined the process of putting together an initial 7-person SCRUM team, which was operational within 48 hours. What’s more, six key projects were fully staffed within three months, and 140+ tech consultants were supplied. This guaranteed the client could swiftly respond to the dynamic needs of their projects and maintain their competitive edge in the life sciences industry.


Working with Adeva has streamlined the client’s project management processes. The speed at which they assembled a fully operational SCRUM team was nothing short of impressive. Their commitment to understanding the client’s needs and providing educated client and talent partners led to a smooth integration of contractors into every project.


Faced with unexpected demands due to the COVID-19 crisis, the client struggled to rapidly assemble tech teams to work on time-sensitive projects for different Fortune 500 companies. The slow response and limited tech expertise of traditional vendors delayed progress, which highlighted the need for a more agile and scalable staffing solution.


Adeva was chosen by the client for its quick and flexible staff augmentation services, outperforming traditional vendors. Founded by engineers, Adeva's global network offered access to vetted, expert talent with a 99% trial-to-hire success rate. Its flexible model allowed for rapid scaling and easy rump up/down, which could speed up the hiring process and guarantee seamless integration into projects.


  • Adeva established the initial 7-person SCRUM team within two business days.
  • Within three months, 140+ tech consultants were hired, and six key projects were fully staffed and delivered.
  • The successful delivery led to extended contracts and new high-level projects for the client.
  • Over two years, Adeva supplied more than 100 skilled contractors, with a 95% success in introduction-to-contract rate and an average talent retention of two years.


Navigating Rapid Expansion Amidst COVID-19

The client faced an influx of urgent projects in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Tasked with delivering critical projects to various Fortune 500 companies across industries such as healthcare and sports, the client needed to put together tech teams rapidly to tackle these time-sensitive, data-intensive projects. Catching the momentum was crucial.

The traditional vendor providers they usually relied upon couldn’t meet the dynamic needs of the company. Although accessible, traditional vendors offered limited access to the in-demand tech expertise the client required. Relying on them would mean prolonged hiring processes, extended timelines, and delayed progress on key initiatives. Slow responses from the vendors further exacerbated the issue, which threatened the client's ability to maintain its competitive edge.

The specific projects in question demanded a more flexible, quicker staff augmentation solution. They needed a solution that could offer the agility and scalability the client needed to quickly assemble teams of senior tech talent that would be ready to contribute immediately to the time-sensitive projects at hand.


Adeva - a Strategic Partner That Offers Quick and Flexible Staff Augmentation

Through a recommendation by a former client, which the client company had recently acquired, Adeva was found as the ideal solution. Adeva stood out as a strategic partner whose global talent network offered quick and flexible staff augmentation that surpassed the capabilities of traditional vendors.

Adeva's selection as the preferred solution was influenced by multiple factors. Firstly, Adeva had a deep understanding of the client’s technical and strategic sourcing needs. Its global network spanned 40 countries, which guaranteed access to a diverse pool of expert talent. Every professional in Adeva's network is verified for their technical prowess and dedication to solving complex issues, as well as their high standards of integrity, professionalism, and communication.

Flexibility was another pivotal reason for choosing Adeva. The client company valued the ability to adjust the scale of their teams based on project demands. Adeva's model allowed for choosing between part-time or full-time engagements, with the flexibility to modify these arrangements as needed. This adaptability meant the client could hire top-tier tech consultants without the financial and administrative burden typically associated with permanent hires. Additionally, Adeva's contracts allowed for easy termination after a project ended, unlike traditional vendor agreements that often come with complex obligations.

The quick hiring process further solidified Adeva's role as a solution provider. Within just two business days, Adeva managed to assemble the initial scrum team of seven that was ready to contribute to the client projects immediately. Over the following months, this expanded to over 100 contractors, thanks to Adeva's global network of senior talent.

Adeva also provided the client with dedicated client partners to help with onboarding, timesheets, and reports, among other tasks. This support made project management smoother and made sure the new staff worked well with the client's management. It allowed for clear daily communication and easy integration into projects.


100+ Contractors Hired and Two-Year Average Talent Retention

The partnership with Adeva enabled the client to staff and tackle all critical projects. Initially, Adeva quickly formed a 7-person SCRUM team, which became operational in just two business days. This rapid deployment set the tone for the collaboration's success.

Over the next three months, this partnership enabled the client to fully staff and deliver six key projects, which cleared their backlog of projects. As a direct consequence of these successfully delivered projects, the client secured extended contracts and attracted new high-level clients.

Throughout a two-year period, Adeva supplied the client with over 100 independent contractors. This collaboration achieved a 95% success rate in converting introductions to contracts. The average retention rate of two years for the talent sourced underscores the stability and long-term value Adeva brought to the client's projects.

These results testify to Adeva's ability to understand and meet the client's needs and illustrate the impact of integrating highly skilled, flexible talent into critical projects. The client's enhanced project delivery capabilities, coupled with their ability to win new business and expand their services, underscore the strategic advantage of partnering with Adeva.

“The flexibility and efficiency Adeva brought to the client’s staffing needs allowed the client to focus on driving innovation and delivering value to its high-level clients without the usual hiring headaches.”

Teuta Reci, Client Partner at the client company.

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