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Introducing PHP

Surviving a dirty and grueling evolution, PHP today is the favorite scripting language of the web. People love it because it has everything you’re looking for in a programming language: flexibility and dynamics. The newer versions of PHP support everything you need in a smart and easy way.

Statistics show that about 82.5% of all websites on the internet use PHP. Some companies that are using PHP today include:

  • Slack
  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr

PHP has a bad reputation because of its low learning curve. There are a lot of developers that take advantage of its ease of use without considering good design practices. But with the latest advancements of PHP and the modern frameworks, we are safe to say that PHP is reclaiming its reputation and it’s stronger than ever. On the plus side, it has a fast load time and many hyper-growing open source projects, such as WordPress and Laravel.

PHP works with all major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, macOS, RISC OS, and others. It also has support for most of the web servers that we have today (Apache, IIS, etc.).

Maybe the strongest and most significant feature of PHP is that it supports a wide range of databases as for example MySql, MongoDB, etc.

Benefits For Business

PHP helps businesses create dynamic websites with plenty of functionalities. Whether it is customized E-commerce solutions or CRM applications, PHP can transform their online presence, dynamically.

Over 80% of the largest eCommerce, social media, and wiki sites use PHP as their engine. Facebook, Amazon, and Wikipedia started on PHP and still use the language extensively. Startup businesses, advertising agencies, and small software organizations are the most popular industries where PHP is widely used.

PHP is designed for building web applications. There’s no need for additional servers, processors, or tricks. On top of everything, new tools, frameworks, and libraries are being created every day to make the code easier to understand and more elegant.

Reasons for Using PHP in Your Web Development

Still not convinced that PHP is the right tech for scaling your project? Maybe the following facts can change your mind:

  • Strong community: PHP has an active and dynamic community of developers that can lend a helping hand if you come across any issues.
  • Reduced development costs: PHP’s tools are open-source software. You can build prototypes and ready websites at full speed.
  • There’s a plethora of frameworks to choose from: There are many frameworks to choose from when working with PHP. For simpler projects, you can use Lumen or Slim. For more complex applications, you have Laravel or Symfony. All these PHP frameworks allow you to build web apps faster.
  • It works with all major operating systems: PHP code works with all major operating systems. This includes Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, RISC OS, and others. PHP also has support for most of the web servers that we have today like Apache, IIS, and many others.
  • Many guidelines are available on the internet: Many PHP guidelines are available online. Developers can seek help in different PHP blogs, forums, and PHP web development online libraries.
  • You can expand your website functionalities: the functionality of your website can easily be extended. There are plenty of extensions and libraries that are available on the web, for free. You can also add custom extensions to the PHP source code, hassle-free.

Most popular PHP frameworks

Developers today need to create complex websites and apps that can take too much time and hassle to build. They needed a more structured and natural way of development. PHP frameworks came into the picture as an adequate solution to developers’ nightmares.

There is a wide range of frameworks to choose from when working with PHP code. If you need something simpler you can use Lumen or Slim. If you need something that supports complicated applications, you have Laravel or Symfony.

  1. Laravel – a relatively new PHP framework, a recent survey voted it the most popular framework among developers.
  2. Symfony – used by many impressive projects, this framework has a wide developer community.
  3. CodeIgniter – a lightweight PHP framework, it works nicely on almost all shared and dedicated hosting platforms
  4. Yii 2 – a great choice if you’re looking to give a boost to the performance of your site as it’s faster than other PHP frameworks.
  5. Phalcon – delivered as a C-extension, this framework can reach the highest level of performance optimization possible.
  6. CakePHP – an excellent tool for creating web apps that need high-level of security.
  7. Zend Framework – coming with a number of cool features, this is an excellent framework for more complex projects.
  8. Slim – used by many PHP programmers for developing RESTful APIs and services, it’s excellent for smaller apps.

“When I choose a framework, I am looking for something that is easy to work with, has a strong community, high-quality learning resources, features that would speed up the development process and the way the code is structured and written. Now that I’ve worked with Laravel for more than 3 years, I can’t imagine myself without it.” – Davor Minchorov, Senior Software Engineer at Adeva

Fundamental skills for PHP developers

  • Understanding of frameworks. A qualified PHP developer must know how to work with at least one framework.
  • The basics of a database. Every PHP developer must know the basics of database and the methodologies to integrate PHP with various database management tools, including MySQL, Postgresql, or Oracle.
  • OOP concepts. As PHP follows many, it’s important for a PHP developer to know the OOP Concepts and how to use them.
  • Understanding of algorithms. Developers should have a good understanding of algorithms in order to provide an optimal solution to the problems they’re working on.
  • Design Patterns and Principles. Good software developers should be familiar with the various design patterns and good software design principles (like SOLID).

Time to hire full-time PHP developers

One thing is for sure: PHP is one of the best programming languages for web development. Companies love it because of its cost-efficiency, speed, and consistent performance. Developers like using it because of its elegant syntax, the vast array of frameworks, and a large number of PHP guidelines available online.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a freelance php developer to create a dynamic website for your business or need skilled developers for your software development project, PHP is a way to go. Most of the PHP developers combine different front end technologies to achieve full stack development and with proper project management they are able to deliver end to end projects

If you struggle to locate the most skilled PHP developer from a large pool of talent, we can help. We’ve put together a list of the most critical questions you should be asking any PHP developer. Use this resource to evaluate the breadth and depth of a candidate’s proficiency in PHP and make the perfect hire.

How to hire dedicated PHP developers for long-term projects?

The first step is to create a well-written job description. The job description should include your company’s culture, the benefits of working there, relevant responsibilities, and the skills and qualifications that you expect the candidate to have.

In order to hire the top PHP developers, many companies worldwide rely on third parties to screen and vet developers ahead of time to make sure they’re getting their time and money’s worth. Companies that work with Adeva have the opportunity to hire high-performing talent from our global developers’ community, evaluated with a thorough screening process. From communication and aptitude check to passion and personality check, Adeva leaves no stone unturned in order to locate the most qualified developer in a large pool of talent.

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