Female Bootcamp - Empowering Women in Technology Anita Kirkovska

Women in tech: The First Female Bootcamp in Macedonia is here 🚀

by Anita Kirkovska

We are very pleased to announce that we are initiating The First Female Bootcamp in Macedonia! And we are so excited!🤩 With this project...
Are Progressive Web Apps the new future? Vedrana Tozija

Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Apps

by Vedrana Tozija

A mobile app that is linking to a web article, features on the web that can’t be opened without installing a new memory consuming native applica...
Developing a meaningful concept

Design Inspiration for Web Design: Developing a Meaningful Concept

Designers help teams make better decisions by developing concepts, using questions to identify opportunities and understand the user context. They...
Top 10 startups to watch in NYC Martina Trajchevska

Top 10 New York Startups To Watch In 2018

by Martina Trajchevska

The startup revolution has set the business world on fire, from displaying innovative ideas to spurring economic growth around the world. As...
Redis Developers Adeva Aleksandar Pavlov

What is Redis?

by Aleksandar Pavlov

With all the clutter on the web, it's hard to find a good resource explaining what a technology is or does, Redis included. My goal with this post...
Building a culture of recognition using gamification Tosho Trajanov

Building a culture of recognition using gamification at work

by Tosho Trajanov

Team morale is an essential part of the work culture in any successful organization. No matter if you are an enterprise company or a startup, in...
Sublime Text PHP Developers Aleksandar Pavlov

Sublime Text 3 Mastery for PHP Developers

by Aleksandar Pavlov

As software developers, we spend most of our time staring down at code until the bug feels uncomfortable and reveals itself so we can sorta fix...