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Top Featured iOS developer in December, 2019

Senior iOS Engineer

Lucas Pelizza

Senior Software Engineer with over 8 years of experience planning, developing and delivering iOS applications.

Lucas enjoys working in an agile environment and projects that require new technologies. He is eager to participate in every aspect of the development process, from high-level architectural design to developing complex low-level functionality.

As a Software Engineering graduate, Lucas has acquired a professional education suitable for software development, covering all phases of the process from analysis and design to test, implementation and maintenance.

iOS Development Benefits For Business

People can’t imagine their lives without apps. Apps enrich our lives and enable people to innovate like never before. If you’ve decided to build an app for your business, there’s a major question lying ahead: should you build with Android or with iOS? At first, it seems that there’s an easy workaround: just create two applications.

TBut this solution is often costly, challenging, and time-consuming. In reality, all of the world’s biggest businesses started on a single platform before branching out to conquer the rest of the market.

After analyzing your audience, project timeline, app maintenance budget and revenue goal, you found that iOS is the app development you need to aim for. Congrats, that’s a smart choice! Here’s why:

  • Although Android devices have the highest global market share, Apple dominates the App Store for customer spending.
  • It’s predicted that the iOS App Store will remain the single most lucrative app store in the near future, and will generate more than $60 billion in 2021.
  • Developing an iOS app is a smart move, especially if your target audience is in North America, Australia or Western Europe.
  • What’s more, iPhone users earn 40% more than the average Android user, and they engage with their smartphone apps for nine more hours every month than Android users.
  • Android developers write on average 40% more code on Android than on iOS. Meaning, it’s faster, easier, and cheaper to develop an app for iOS.

In a nutshell, if you’re targeting North America or Western Europe, and if you’re after a more affluent audience, then iOS is your best bet. If you’re looking for easier and faster app development, then again, iOS is the way to go. But in case you’re still doubtful, please continue reading.

Reasons for Using iOS in Your App Development

Whether you’re a startup or a large business, there are several significant reasons for using iOS in your app development. Let’s explore more closely!

It’s faster and cheaper to develop in iOS. One reason why it’s so much easier and quicker to develop for iOS is the code. iOS apps are written in Swift, Apple’s official programming language that requires writing less code than in Java for example.

iOS is more secure. Due to its closed ecosystem, Apple is more secure. That’s the main reason why iOS has a broader audience in the enterprise market. iPhone users are protected against malware, virus and other threats that might slow down your daily enterprise operations.

The Apple app store generates the most revenue. iOS users are more willing to pay for apps and in-app purchases than Android users. In reality, the Apple App Store generates twice as much revenue as Google Play. So if app monetization is one of your goals, you should definitely go with iOS.

Great customer experience. Thanks to its solid hardware, superb customer support, and flawless software, iOS users have a top-notch customer experience. Every single app works smoothly on an iPhone, providing excellent user experience, something that is vital for every type of business.

Why Hire iOS Developers?

Okay, now that you have a clear understanding of what you want and have decided that your app should be for the Apple mobile market, it’s time to hire iOS developers. Let’s talk about the main benefits of hiring one.

iOS developers are familiar with the App Store

The experienced iOS app developer has released many apps and published them on the App Store. Having a developer who understands all of the App store features can dramatically reduce your launch to market time.

iOS developers can create an app without delay

You should hire iOS developers because they have a good grasp of iOS frameworks and other core development technologies like Swift or Objective-C. Swift, Apple’s official programming language requires writing less code and can lead to faster and cheaper development.

iOS developers have a broad skill set

Experienced iOS developers have a wide range of skills, including:

  • Experience working with Swift or Objective-C programming language;
  • Good grasp of RESTful APIs;
  • Knowledge of APIs including Cocoa Touch;
  • Understanding of Xcode IDE;
  • Knowledge of code versioning tools like Git;
  • Good grasp of Core Data framework;
  • Proficiency with Apple’s design principles and interface guidelines;

iOS developers understand Apple’s guidelines

Apple is notoriously famous for rejecting the apps that don’t pass the design guidelines test. A skilled developer understands the full process for Apple approval and will take on that task for you.

Time to Hire iOS Developers for Your Project

Did you arrive at your office today to find a “hire an iOS developer” staring back at you from the top of your to-do list? What do you do? After all, this isn’t an easy task like “hold a meeting at 5”, or “buy more coffee.”

You get in touch with Adeva! We at Adeva have many experienced and well-trained developers who have a broad experience in building top-grade iOS apps for international clients. Our developers are best-of-class, pre-screened and ready to work. They have a solid grasp of the latest technologies and can translate their knowledge into fully functional applications for a broad range of industries and businesses.

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Get acess to pre-screened, remote engineers.

Save Time and Costs
Save Time and Costs

Adeva constantly expands its developers’ network with world-class engineers. You get vetted developers, ready to start in 2 weeks without the screening hustle or hidden hiring costs.

Reduce employee turnover
Reduce Turnover

Developer retention is a challenge that requires a dedicated HR team. Adeva's unique community opportunities allow developers to learn and grow professionally, so you can focus on growing your business.

Flexible Growth
Grow Flexibly

Adeva helps you build great engineering teams with full flexibility. You can scale up and down as needed, apply your own recruiting practices and make sure the contracts suit your needs.

Scale your engineering team - 100% fit for teams
Exceptional Engineers

Before joining Adeva, each engineer goes through a thorough vetting process and demonstrates exceptional technical skills and problem-solving attitude.

Instant Team Integration
Instant Team Integration

Adeva's engineers work as part of your own team as distributed team members. They attend your daily stand ups, follow your security practices, and use your tools.

Simplified Payroll
Simplified Payroll

Paying out your team accross borders can be a pain for your business. We handle every administrative bit, so you can keep on building.