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ethical recruitment Dragana Delova

Ethical Recruitment: A Quick Look at the Most Important Aspects

by Dragana Delova

Most recruiters have one goal: to find people that will be good, productive members of the team. However, there is another type of recruitment...
effective one-on-one meetings for engineering managers Tosho Trajanov

Running Effective One-on-One Meetings as an Engineering Manager [7 Tips & Tricks]

by Tosho Trajanov

Effective one-on-one meetings are the cornerstone of a good manager and employee relationship. Learn how to run effective meetings with these...
how to build an engineering culture Tosho Trajanov

How to Build a Strong Engineering Culture That Empowers Engineers

by Tosho Trajanov

Autonomy, Transparency, and Impact - some of the key ingredients that help make a strong engineering culture. Here's how to build a good culture...
employee burnout in software development Sandra Petrova

Burnout in the Tech Industry and What to Do About It

by Sandra Petrova

Burnout in software engineering is not just another buzzword. It's an epidemic that's detrimental to an employee's productivity and...
soft skills developers Sandra Petrova

8 Critical Soft Skills Every Developer Should Have in 2021

by Sandra Petrova

As we progress towards the future of work that will be driven by artificial intelligence, experts predict that soft skills in software engineering...
agile software development Sandra Petrova

Everything You Need to Know About Agile Software Development

by Sandra Petrova

Agile Software DevelopmentThe 4 Roles on the Agile TeamHow an Agile Team WorksScrum, Kanban or another flavor of Agile? Why Choose Agile?Conclusion ...
software development methodologies Sandra Petrova

Top 7 Software Development Methodologies With Pros and Cons [2021]

by Sandra Petrova

Are you a manager of a development team that’s looking to add structure to the project workflow? To manage projects successfully, you need to...
assess your engineers Sandra Petrova

5 Tools That Will Help You Assess Your Engineers [2021]

by Sandra Petrova

If you want to build a successful technology startup, you’ll need more than just a great idea. You’ll also need a great engineering...
5 slack integrations for team performance Sandra Petrova

5 Slack Integrations That Will Boost Your Team's Performance [2021]

by Sandra Petrova

It’s hard to imagine a world where Slack doesn’t exist. We can see teams worldwide collaborating through the platform and using it as a single...
building open source community Sandra Petrova

How to Build a Vibrant Open-Source Community in 5 Steps

by Sandra Petrova

So, you’ve just finished creating your open-source project. This is your first open-source baby, and you’re really proud of what you’ve...
advantages of open source for business Sandra Petrova

The Engine for Collaboration: Advantages of Open Source For Your Business

by Sandra Petrova

So you’re thinking about working with open source? Good luck! The open source community is waiting for your arrival. But first, let’s talk...
digital maturity Sandra Petrova

Assess the Digital Maturity of Your Workplace With These 6 Questions

by Sandra Petrova

The term digital transformation has become quite popular in recent years. Research tells us that digital transformation initiatives will more than...
digital transformation strategy Sandra Petrova

Your Digital Future Depends on Your Digital Transformation Strategy

by Sandra Petrova

What part your company will play in the digital future depends on your digital transformation strategy. Developing a sound strategy that is based...
digital transformation leadership Sandra Petrova

These Four Traits Can Help You Become a Better Digital Transformation Leader

by Sandra Petrova

In 2013, Adeva embarked on a challenging attempt to digitally transform its services. The company built a team and came up with a solution that...