Hire Java Developers within a week

Hire Java Developers within a week

Adeva helps innovative companies and start-ups hire Java Developers and overcome the tech talent shortage. We are a global tech community for Java Developers who have proven experience in handling projects of varying complexity.

Top Featured Java Developer in July, 2019

Full Stack Engineer, Solution Architect

Filip Gajtanovski

Microsoft Certified Professional and Senior Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience.

Filip takes pride in employing a big picture framework to develop and evolve projects while overseeing all responsibilities. He is currently working as a Solution Architect and Lead where he's responsible for leading the team, designing and developing software solutions, as well as working closely with the project stakeholders to understand the project roadmap and convert it into technical requirements.

Filip has a strong dedication to communication with clients and a willingness to go the extra mile to identify the product as his own. He's a result oriented person, strong team player, and a lifelong learner. Filip is passionate about what he does, which he demonstrates by taking initiative and providing out-of-the-box solutions

  • Solution Architecture, Event Broadcasting
  • Java, Kafka, .NET

How Can Java Help Your Business Remain Agile?

Java is one of a small number of technologies that can boast about staying relevant for more than two decades.

This tried and tested technology with its classical steaming cup-of-coffee logo is a language preferred by many developers today. It’s everywhere you look. It’s the prime language for Android software development, it’s in web applications, and you can also find it in big data technologies. Java is a popular choice for scientific projects and for mobile games. Regardless of the ever-growing fame around Python and Go, Java has retained its glory throughout the years.

What is the root cause of Java’s never-ending popularity and how exactly can it help your business stay competitive? Let’s find out:

  • It has an ecosystem of tools. Java has a wide range of tools that cover anything you may need for your software development. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the Java Development Kit (JDK), and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) are a dominant trio of Java platform elements that are crucial for developing and running Java applications.
  • Secure software development. The language was designed with security in mind. A number of banking institutions, call centers, and mobile companies are using Java due to its safety features. Java is well-known for its specific inbuilt security features that include cryptography, public key infrastructure, sandbox environment, and advanced security mechanism.
  • Portability. Once your Java product is ready, it can be deployed over any operating platform. It’ll be compatible with almost all operating systems and hardware. As there’s no need to change your existing hardware or operating system, your overall costs for the project will be significantly reduced.
  • Multithreading. Another major benefit of Java for your business is that your Java product can be used by multiple users at the same time, all thanks to a process called multithreading. This feature is incredibly handy for gaming and animation programs.
  • Cross-platform capabilities. Did you know that you can use Java to make cross-platform high-quality programs? For example, if you create a Java program on Windows, you can run the application on any other platform that supports a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Why Hire Java Developers and Have Them Join Your Team?

Building your top-notch product with the help of an experienced and high-quality Java development team comes with a number of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Stability and massive community. Java developers are backed by an unmatched community. According to StackOverflow 2018 report, 45% of respondents use Java. The language also has a vast ecosystem of libraries, frameworks, guides, and more.
  • Automatic memory management. Java developers don’t have to waste time manually writing code for memory management tasks. All thanks to a super-useful Java process that’s known as automatic memory management. The process works quietly in the background, cleaning up the unused objects and making room for memory. When you hire high-quality Java developers who know how memory works, they’ll be able to write high-performing applications that will never crash with an out of memory error.
  • Build great enterprise applications. Java developers can help you build high-performing enterprise applications. As Java supports a wide range of libraries, developers can create any function or feature that your business may need. It also has excellent integration capabilities as most hosting providers support Java. What’s more, as Java is not dependent on one specific hardware platform, maintaining your application or website is relatively cheap.
  • Reduced security issues. You’ll need an experienced Java developer who will protect your product from security threats. Java security technology provides developers with an all-inclusive security framework for writing applications. Java developers can keep your product safe with the help of built-in security features like cryptography, authentication and authorization, public key infrastructure, and more.

Java Developers Can Work on a Variety of Software Development Projects

The best Java developers, architects, programmers, engineers, and consultants have experience working in a wide range of verticals and industries. From Android apps and financial applications to big data programs and science software, Java can be used in a variety of domains. Let’s go through them one by one:

  • Android apps. Java is the official language for Android software development. Meaning, Java developers can easily work with Android development.
  • Software products. Java was used to develop software products including Hadoop, Apache Storm, Atlassian, OpenOffice, Eclipse, and more.
  • Finance programs. Java is being used widely as a high-performance programming language for building a wide variety of financial applications. Banks and financial institutions are known to be very conservative about choosing a programming language to develop their applications. However, they continue to choose Java. Why? Because it helps them deliver a richer and secure user experience.
  • Big data programs. A lot of big data systems and apps are developed with Java. They include Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra, Spark, Spring Boot, and Elasticsearch.
  • Science software. A wide range of popular science software is written in Java. From software for visualizing astronomical data to interactive geometry software, Java comes to the aid of the development of various science-based software.

Hire Java Developers Today

High-quality Java developers are critical in building a great, secure, and scalable product. So why not start with the hiring process today and turn your idea into a top-notch product?

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