Proven Strategies for Accelerating Tech Talent Sourcing

by Katerina Trajchevska

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The digital transformation has driven millions of businesses worldwide to modify how they conduct business and engage with their employees. As a result, we see significant shifts in talent management practices.

Labor markets are tight for many different sorts of workers, especially for those with tech skills. If you want to hire the most qualified talent, it's critical that you make your company more attractive to potential employees from the moment you start sourcing talent. Therefore, let's see how to attract top tech talent to your company.

Top Channels For Tech Sourcing and How to Work Them

Betting on these sources of talent means identifying a completely different profile that will provide the breath of fresh air that the company requires to thrive. These sources also help feed internal recruitment sources such as your talent pool, which is a valuable resource.

Some of the resources listed here are critical components of a successful recruitment strategy, and we hope they will help you learn how to find top tech talent.

Social Media Networks

Making yourself visible in the daily lives of your prospective employees is vital if you want to stand out and attract top talent.

One method is to use social media to promote your corporate image and share job opportunities. 

As Trey Pennington (marketing and social media expert) said: "The companies that understand Social Media are the ones that say with their message: I see you, I hear you, and I care about you."


Before contacting potential employees, ask yourself: Is there anything to which your ideal employee (the recipient of your message) can respond with a yes? Is there anything in your message that will make them stop and think? Is there something that will accelerate tech?

Clearly explain what your company is all about, your mission and vision, and inspire them to join you. Also, don’t forget to mention the payment rate.

  • #Through Linkedin Recruiter, you will have access to the whole network of professionals. You can contact them directly through Inmail, and use powerful recruiting filters in order to develop a segmented database of candidates.
  • #Linkedin job search lets you promote your job advertisements automatically to people based on their skills and experience.
  • #Job pages help you boost the company's brand visibility by allowing for the customization of messages based on geography, industry, and job function. A further benefit is that whenever a prospect searches for your brand, your job offers will display on the results page.


TikTok is a trending social network that has attained a new level of importance as a link between employers and their prospective employees.

For example, using the hashtag #HBOMaxsummerinternet, HBO received more than 300 applications in the summer of 2020.

The results of a recent poll revealed that between 80 and 90 percent of users from generation Z browse company career pages through TikTok publications or Instagram reels.

This might be a significant step forward in the company's efforts to enter the recruitment market where it will link companies with talent, adopting a model similar to that of LinkedIn.


Before you begin your search for talent on this platform, it is critical that you understand the search operators that will be used.

These are as follows:

  • Location: search for candidates based on their geographical location. For example, you can narrow your search by location.
  • Language: search for candidates based on the programming languages they have used in their previous jobs. For example, you can search for Python or Javascript developers.
  • Repos: search for candidates that have a specific number of repositories (published projects) on GitHub. For example, repos:>40. Persons who have more repositories on GitHub could be seen as people who have more years of experience in the field or who are more active, making it an intriguing operator to take into consideration.

The most advantageous aspect of conducting all of this research is that you will not only be able to identify qualified developers outside of LinkedIn, but you will also be able to learn more about the candidate's previous work.

Because developers receive hundreds of proposals, you will add more value by crafting a personalized message to them, resulting in an entirely different perception of the candidate than that generated by a traditional recruitment agency.

Job Ad

A company without a Career Page is equivalent to a black box in the eyes of potential employees. Your "Work With Us Page" is the focal point of your recruitment strategy. It may assist you in leveraging your employer brand to attract the most qualified people for your organization.

It will be easier to persuade those individuals who are the best fit for what you are looking for if you communicate your company's mission, values, and employee benefits.

A successful job ad: What do you need to know?

  • Create a consistent message

Everything hinges on how well people perceive you. Do you have any secrets to your success? Is there a reason your staff looks forward to coming to work each day? What are they hoping for? Potential employees will be more interested in your company as a place to work when you answer these questions in the job description.

  • Give an honest description

The goal isn't only to attract as many talents as possible; it's also to attract those who might be interested in working with you long-term and want to grow within your company. If you're offering a position, honesty and transparency should be your top priorities while describing it.

  • Inspire them

What will they be able to accomplish in this position? All of this information should be prominently displayed in the job ad. As a result, the candidate will be motivated to begin working with you right away.

  • Show a (potential) career trajectory

It's more than just a decent work atmosphere that potential employees are looking for. As a result, they're also looking for better opportunities and perks than what they currently receive. 

The broader possibilities in the company may seem unreachable to a smaller company, but if you picture your company after 1 year, your ideal team, and relate with what they'll be searching for, you might be onto something. Demonstrate to potential employees the motivation within your company, even at the entry-level.

  • Be smart

A large number of job seekers are applying to all of the open positions on job boards without actually reading the job description. An easy solution is simply to include basic instruction in the center of your job ad. 

You can tell them that, when they apply, the subject line of an email should include the phrase "I have read the job description." or something more informal like "I love chocolate." There are automated platforms that allow you to include a questionnaire or anything similar to ensure that you can exclude certain applicants.


Have you ever gone to a networking event in order to create new contacts and uncover new talent? If not, you should. You can attend:

  • tech conferences that cover technologies you work with;
  • meetups (use to find local meetups);
  • online events (check for potential events that might be relevant for you) 

At events like this, you can meet people who are looking for new career prospects and introduce your company in a more informal way. Another option would be to sponsor an event that’s most relevant to what you do, so you can get your company in front of a large audience of potential new employees. As a bonus, attending an event like this could also help you learn from other professionals and better your business.

Personal Networks

You can always rely on personal networks to assist you in the process of hiring tech talent. Think of people you’ve worked with that might be a good fit for your openings. Even if they’re not interested, they might recommend someone who they believe will contribute to the work you do. 

Job Portals

To reach a wider pool of potential employees, consider posting your job opportunities on niche job boards, such as those that cater to specific profiles of tech talent.

Consider that 76% of candidates prefer to apply for jobs through a job site rather than directly to the employer. In other words, wherever they see your job posting, they will Google your website to learn more about your company culture, mission statement, and the perspectives of other employees.

Multimedia Content and Blog

Instead of simply generating branding and advertising, how about using your blog and multimedia content to make your job openings more visible and promote your employer's brand? If you have readers who are interested in your company's objectives and philosophy, you should believe that you will receive a positive response and attract applications through your channels. 

In addition, you can create multimedia content, such as photographs and videos, to demonstrate your company culture and advertise the job openings you have available.

Finding Talent Via Talent Communities

Have you ever considered cooperating with a talent community like Adeva to locate new talent? 

Sometimes, when your team is stretched too thin and your recruiting staff needs a helping hand, talent partners can help you source exceptional talent fast. Consider the option of cooperating with tech communities that can support your growth and company success.

You should be more efficient and straightforward in your hiring process to attract the best talent, and building a talent partnership is a clear plan for achieving that.

In addition to that, universities and private colleges provide employment boards where you can find a wide range of fascinating profiles to apply for.

Particularly relevant are internship profiles that serve as a company's internal recruitment source. It would help if you considered making a job offer to an intern who fits well into your company's culture and who you believe has the potential to become a permanent member of the team.


While accelerating procurement and sources has become a priority for companies in all fields, it is even more relevant for the tech sector as companies become increasingly aware of the importance of their technology structure. It's a fact that should not be overlooked but should be capitalized on to make the company more competitive in the long run and learn how to find diverse top tech talent.

Katerina Trajchevska
Katerina Trajchevska
CEO of Adeva

Katerina is the co-founder and CEO of Adeva. She is an advocate for flexibility in the workplace and a champion for equality, inclusion, and giving back to the community. Katerina has a proven track record of building and leading cross-cultural teams and eliminating chaos in product and engineering teams. She is a conference speaker, where she shares her vast experience and insights in managing engineering teams and navigating the future of work.

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