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React.js Development Benefits For Business

Choosing a good library or framework can be a challenging task. If you think about it, it’s more a business decision than a technological one. So, what should you do when you want to simplify software development and foster a more comfortable user experience? You choose React.js as it can offer a world of possibilities.

With more than 6M downloads per week, React.js has proven that it’s highly popular among technology companies. Why is that? Well, there’s one major thing that the library does outstandingly well, and that’s creating amazingly looking user interfaces. It basically allows HTML quoting, and developers can write in pure JavaScript as well. One thing is for certain: Facebook created React.js with a business-forward mindset and out of the need for:

  • faster web-page load speed
  • code reusability, and
  • SEO friendliness

It’s only understandable that when the Javascript library was launched, businesses were quick to adopt this technology due to the simplicity it provided to developers. Now developers could learn React in a short period of time. The code reusability also meant devoting less time and money on development and building larger teams.

Some of the leading companies are fond of React’s capabilities, business-wise. The number of businesses using React.js is only growing, and it includes companies like:

  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • Facebook (of course)
  • and 100+ other medium to large scale companies

Reasons for Using React.js in Your App Development

In order to offer a detailed explanation of why businesses are fascinated with React.js, we need to explore the library’s unique features that facilitate the creation of high-performing and agile applications.

Rich user interfaces. With React.js, you can create rich user interfaces with ease. This is highly important for any business as poorly designed user interfaces can be off-putting to customers. But, if you impress your users with your beautiful and high-quality interface, they will love using your app and will likely continue to do so in the future.

Faster development. Developers can increase their productivity thanks to code reusability and development tools that can speed up their work (ex. React Developer Tools). This translates into: developers will get things done more quickly, and businesses will make more money in less time. Isn’t that the goal of most companies and startups?

SEO-friendliness. Search Engine Optimization is crucial for boosting user traffic to your platform. Meaning, if your platform has fast page load time and adapts its performance in real-time based on current user traffic, your Google ranking will go up. And let’s not forget that reaching the number one spot on Google is the unattainable dream for most businesses.

Ease of migration. You can add React code anywhere onto existing infrastructure without worrying about shutting down the system for maintenance. This feature is what made developers and managers alike fall in love with React.js.

Why Hire React.js Developers?

React.js developers have a strong community support

One of the biggest reasons why you should hire React.js developers is because they have a strong community support. As it’s an open-source library, developers from around the world are helping people overcome any issues they have with the technology. From tutorials and in-depth articles to blog posts, React.js developers have access to all types of useful content. Meaning, if your developer comes across an issue, they can post the issue on a QA site and get reliable answers by experts.

React.js developers are continuously learning new things

If you hire a React.js developer, you’ll have a skillful addition to your team who’s constantly learning new things. As the React community frequently releases new features and libraries, React.js developers must follow the latest trends and keep track of changes in order to stay relevant.

React.js developers have a broad IT experience

Apart from having a solid grasp of pure JavaScript (of course), React.js developers also come with a wide range of other complementary skills, including

  • Experience with working with a couple of modern technologies like Backbone.js, Angular, and Vue.
  • Good understanding of React Native.
  • Knowledge of adjacent technologies, including Node, Webpack, Babel, Redux, and HTML5
  • Experience with Jest for test coverage

React.js developers can provide development services to clients across multiple industries

Here’s another reason why you should hire React.js developers: they can cater to projects of varied industries. Whether you’re in e-commerce, education & e-learning, or the finance industry, React.js developers can help you reduce the time-to-market launch for new services as well as the overall cost of development.

Time to Hire React.js Developers for Your Project

Ready to make your business “React”-ive? We at Adeva have exactly what you need: highly-experienced React.js developers who have a broad experience in building top-grade web apps for international clients. You can be convinced that our developers will make every effort to provide quick deployment of React.js development projects and ongoing support.

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