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A New Player Has Joined the CMS Landscape

There are several great options out there when it comes to choosing the best CMS for your website. Although it’s clear as a day that WordPress is the leader with a market share of nearly 30%, there’s a new player on board the CMS ship.

Prismic is an API-based CMS that is is a fantastic alternative to WordPress. It’s a system that allows developers to use the technology they prefer, right out of the box, without managing a host of plugins. You can choose your technology, framework, and language, and then easily manage your content. There’s a 24/7 access to a dedicated support team in case any issues arise (although highly unlikely).

Prismic is already trusted by more than 4,000 tech companies, including Netflix, Ueno, Google, Rakuten, and Digital Ocean. They have used the tool to build their content, design, and produce a finished product they can all be proud of.

Who Is Prismic Made For?

Small teams of up to 20 people stand to benefit the most from using Prismic as their prime CMS. Prismic can be an ideal solution if you:

  • like to pick your own tech stack
  • want to avoid maintaining the infrastructure
  • favor customized design and UX
  • strive to release projects rapidly

The ultimate Prismic team consists of:

  • Developers who use the CMS to build innovative frontends of websites/apps.
  • Content and marketing professionals who use Prismic to edit their content.
  • Content strategists who use Prismic to create a project’s information architecture.

With that said, it becomes clear that Prismic is not made for teams without developers, teams that want to maintain their own servers, and teams that prefer visual website builders.

5 Excuses for Building Stuff With Prismic

You can model custom types to match your desired design

Using Prismic, you can create field and custom components that are interestingly called Slices. Meaning, nothing stands in your way of building dynamic layouts that match your desired design.

Creating content is simple for the whole team

The entire team can easily find their way around the CMS. Your content writers can create, edit, and publish pages with ease, regardless of their technical background. Designers can unleash their full creativity without the constraints of rigid templates. And project managers can quickly get the content, designers, and dev teams to work together.

You're free to use whichever framework you prefer

You can choose to use whichever framework you prefer. Whether it’s React, Vue, or Gatsby, you’re free to use the framework that you think best fits your project and your needs. Whatever technology you choose, you can rest assured that it has its own benefits, fast rendering, SEO, and ease of deployment.

You can choose whichever hosting platform you prefer

Prismic takes care of hosting and scaling the publishing tools. You have the entire freedom to choose whichever hosting platform fits your needs.

Top-notch security and protection

The most popular CMS, WordPress, currently has a terrible reputation in terms of security. Prismic’s headless CMS can be hidden in many ways as it’s separated from the user layers. You can rest assured that your system is bulletproofed against millions of website attacks that happen each month.

No infrastructure management

Prismic CMS doesn’t need infrastructure setup, configuration, and maintenance. You and your team can begin working on a project right away, without having to do anything. Why? Because the Prismic team maintains its own content infrastructure (the “cloud”).

4 Good Reasons to Hire A Prismic Developer

Growing ecosystem

Prismic developers have a large community, built by developers for developers. Whether they come across any issues or need assistance, the community is an amazing place where devs can share knowledge.

Top-notch development services

Hire a Prismic programmer to help you improve your UI/UX design. Experienced Prismic developers follow web standards and place a strong emphasis on accessibility and responsive design. Regardless if you are a tech startup that needs a landing page or an entrepreneur who has an innovative idea for a web application, Prismic developers can turn your idea into a great product.

Shopify store integration

Prismic can also be integrated with Shopify to create incredibly fast and responsive eCommerce sites. Considering how the Shopify CMS is non-existent and the Meta field editors aren’t enough, this can take your business to the next level. Any skilled developer would know how to connect your Shopify store with the Prismic CMS so that you can easily add information about a product from your catalog.

Custom frontend

A headless CMS is a new kind of CMS. It’s a back-end CMS built from scratch as a content repository that makes content accessible via a RESTful API. A headless CMS doesn’t focus on jow and where your content is displayed. Its center of attention is storing and delivering structured content.

Using this model, a Prismic developer can build a custom frontend instead of working with template configuration or proprietary technology. The model supports superior user experiences, allowing your developer to innovate and get creative.

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