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The Ultimate Guide to Hire Shopify developers in 2019

Adeva connects top Shopify developers, architects, and consultants with leading enterprise organizations and startups to accelerate projects and innovate faster.

Launching Your Business with Shopify

Maybe you are the owner of a small business that sells handmade artsy decorations. Or you are a large-scale eCommerce company that is in the furniture business. For many entrepreneurs, launching a Shopify store is an excellent way to break into eCommerce.

Think of it like hiring a construction company to rebuild you a new house. You are in control of what gets remodeled, but you let the company use its expertise to design you the best home.

The platform comes with all the essential features you need to run a profitable business. Store owners can organize their products, customize their online store, accept credit card payments, and track orders — all of that with a simple click on the mouse.

More importantly, Shopify boasts a long list of reputable clients. These big-name brands are making huge amounts of sales and revenue, year after year, including:

  • RedBull: $7+ billion in revenue
  • Budweiser: $11+ billion in sales
  • Tesla Inc.: $11+ billion in annual revenue
  • Nestle: $89+ billion in annual revenue

Do you want to know how popular Shopify really us? Let’s look at some mind-boggling statistics that show how Shopify is one of the most favored eCommerce platforms:

  • In 2018 during Black Friday, Shopify made more than $1.5 billion in sales. This means 10,978 orders per minute.
  • Shopify is one of the largest commerce platforms. As of June 2019, there are 820,000 Shopify stores.
  • Last year, Shopify reported 218 million buyers on the platform.
  • To date, there have been $100+ billion in total sales on the platform.
  • In 2018, there had been $41.1 billion in total sales.

Grow Your Business With Shopify

Top Shopify developers have been in high demand for their Shopify development services. Whether it’s for short-term, recurring, or full-time Shopify work, they can help your online business grow and be profitable.

Shopify developers can help different type and size of companies. From developing user-friendly stores to maintaining your eStore, here’s an overview of their skills:

Shopify eStore development services or redesign

Are you looking to get a Shopify store up-and-running? Dedicated Shopify developers can help you build an amazing and interactive eStore, whether your business is small or large. Options range from basic theme setup to custom Shopify theme development.

Shopify mobile app development

Mobile accounts for almost 70% of the total visits on Shopify stores. Hiring a developer to design a mobile app for your online store to increase the number of visitors and boost your sales is a smart move.

Shopify theme development

Experienced Shopify web designers and developers are professionals at building modern and feature-rich web themes catering all industry verticals.

Shopify plugin development

Shopify plugins can drive sales and growth. Hiring Shopify developers will mean getting professional help in building cost-effective and scalable plugins.

Shopify testing services

By getting Shopify testing services, you can be sure that your eCommerce store is running across multiple platforms and devices.

Shopify support services

A Shopify developer can maintain your Shopify applications and make sure they are always up-and-running.

Hire the Best Shopify Developer Hassle-Free With Adeva

If you need help turning your product into something you have always dreamed of, turn to Adeva!

Businesses of all sizes have trusted us with their staffing solutions. Our highly recommended Shopify experts go through a thorough vetting process and have the right skills for specific projects and a problem-solving attitude.

We take care of screening, onboarding, and payroll for your engineers, so you can focus on growing your business.

We will make sure that you get the right developer for your project who has in-depth technical expertise, possesses excellent communication skills, and is able to work independently.

Whether you need help setting up your Shopify eCommerce store or increasing your audience through Mobile App development, our developers can help you build the business you want.

Building effective development teams, together.

Get acess to pre-screened, remote engineers.

Save Time and Costs
Save Time and Costs

Adeva constantly expands its developers’ network with world-class engineers. You get vetted developers, ready to start in 2 weeks without the screening hustle or hidden hiring costs.

Reduce employee turnover
Reduce Turnover

Developer retention is a challenge that requires a dedicated HR team. Adeva's unique community opportunities allow developers to learn and grow professionally, so you can focus on growing your business.

Flexible Growth
Grow Flexibly

Adeva helps you build great engineering teams with full flexibility. You can scale up and down as needed, apply your own recruiting practices and make sure the contracts suit your needs.

Scale your engineering team - 100% fit for teams
Exceptional Engineers

Before joining Adeva, each engineer goes through a thorough vetting process and demonstrates exceptional technical skills and problem-solving attitude.

Instant Team Integration
Instant Team Integration

Adeva's engineers work as part of your own team as distributed team members. They attend your daily stand ups, follow your security practices, and use your tools.

Simplified Payroll
Simplified Payroll

Paying out your team accross borders can be a pain for your business. We handle every administrative bit, so you can keep on building.