digital transformation frameworks Sandra Petrova

Game-Changing Digital Transformation Frameworks

by Sandra Petrova

Everywhere you turn, digital innovators are winning the game of competitiveness. Consumers, channels, and companies have already gone digital. A...
Estimations: The Wrong Way to Provide One Aleksandar Pavlov

Estimations: The Wrong Way to Provide One

by Aleksandar Pavlov

Estimation: This article is a 5-minute read. (yeah, sure) So, you're at your computer, ready to start another day of coding and debugging, all...
How to deploy AdonisJs application with AWS Elastic Beanstalk Tosho Trajanov

How to Deploy AdonisJs Application with AWS Elastic Beanstalk

by Tosho Trajanov

Deploying and scaling web applications has always been a tough process. With the rise of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), most of the dirty job...
agile testing Sandra Petrova

Agile Testing: A New Era for Agile Teams

by Sandra Petrova

Imagine this storyline. Your software is scheduled to be released three weeks from today. Before the launch date, software testers start examining...
agile processes for distributed teams Katerina Trajchevska

Implementing Agile Processes in Distributed Teams

by Katerina Trajchevska

When thinking about working with remote teams, companies are hesitant about moving their agile processes online. They have established a regular...
adopting agile Sandra Petrova

Adopting Agile: The Latest Reports About The Popular Mindset

by Sandra Petrova

Can adopting agile be a challenge? Of course. Will the benefits be multiple? Most likely.   When Christine created her tech startup for...
manual testing Marina Trajkovska

How a QA Manual Tester Can Help You Build a High-Quality Product

by Marina Trajkovska

QA Manual testing? What could it possibly mean? At its core, manual testing is the most practiced kind of quality assurance. When people want...
Adeva - Our major accomplishments for the year Sandra Petrova

Announcing Our Major Accomplishments for the Year

by Sandra Petrova

When we started the new year, we had a vision in mind, “To bring equal opportunities to developers everywhere, while helping companies find...
Adeva is the most inclusive tech company Sandra Petrova

It’s Official! Adeva is the Most Inclusive Tech Company!

by Sandra Petrova

We at Adeva work hard to close the gender gap and help women around the world embrace technology. Now we have the award to prove it! The non-pr...
How to Build High Performing Teams Sandra Petrova

The Secret Ingredients for Building High Performing Remote Teams

by Sandra Petrova

There are two principal types of teams. The first one is the low performing team from hell. A team where there’s constant conflict and disagreem...
CodeTalks Conversations: The Environmental Impact of Remote Work Katerina Trajchevska

CodeTalks Conversations: The Environmental Impact of Remote Work

by Katerina Trajchevska

“Netflix in 2014 produced 11,000 tonnes of CO2. If you're using the energy that Netflix is using in one year, you can power a car for 300 years...
Traits of a Good Manager Sandra Petrova

4 Traits of a Good Manager: Evolving in the Future of Work

by Sandra Petrova

A new style of leadership is emerging and employees are over the roof with joy. These managers take a more open approach to the workplace and want...
Managing Remote Teams with increased productivity Sandra Petrova

Managing Remote Teams: The Key to Employee Engagement

by Sandra Petrova

Rigid managers. Traditional collaboration tools. Excessive meetings... These are all major culprits of remote employees' disengagement and lack of...
Future of Work tools to manage remote teams

10 Best Team Management Apps for Freelancers

The advance in technology and apps goes hand in hand with the growth of international companies. Also, as a result, companies reach for the global...