building open source community Sandra Petrova

How to Build a Vibrant Open-Source Community in 5 Steps

by Sandra Petrova

So, you’ve just finished creating your open-source project. This is your first open-source baby, and you’re really proud of what you’ve...
team building games remote teams Sandra Petrova

Fun Without Borders: Agile Games for Distributed Teams

by Sandra Petrova

It’s that Friday of the month here at Adeva. Some of the engineers in our network are getting ready to play .gif battles - an online team-buildi...
building remote teams Sandra Petrova

4 Best First-Hand Tips For Building the Remote Dream Team

by Sandra Petrova

Building remote teams is not exactly a walk in the park. It's choosing the best collaboration tools, hiring the right people and infusing a sense...
challenges of managing remote teams Sandra Petrova

It’s Not All Sunshine and Rainbows: The Challenges of Managing Remote Teams

by Sandra Petrova

So you’ve been thinking of giving your team the option to work remotely from time-to-time, or full-time. Congrats! That’s an amazing idea! Ta...
advantages of open source for business Sandra Petrova

The Engine for Collaboration: Advantages of Open Source For Your Business

by Sandra Petrova

So you’re thinking about working with open source? Good luck! The open source community is waiting for your arrival. But first, let’s talk...
Create Custom MVC Widget in Sitefinity Cms Zarko Stojanoski

Create Custom MVC Widget in Sitefinity CMS

by Zarko Stojanoski

Custom widgets in Sitefinity CMS are designed to improve the development of controls. In addition to Sitefinity CMS built-in widgets, you can...
Koin Android Viktor Petrovski

Easy Android Dependency Injection with Koin

by Viktor Petrovski

Many developers are moving from Dagger to Koin . But can this framework simplify your Android development? Let's find out! Before we move...
microservices in startups Tosho Trajanov

Why Most Startups Don't Need Microservices

by Tosho Trajanov

Microservices architecture is becoming the next big thing in modern software development. But can it help solve the issues most startups are...
digital maturity Sandra Petrova

Assess the Digital Maturity of Your Workplace With These 6 Questions

by Sandra Petrova

The term digital transformation has become quite popular in recent years. Research tells us that digital transformation initiatives will more than...
digital transformation strategy Sandra Petrova

Your Digital Future Depends on Your Digital Transformation Strategy

by Sandra Petrova

What part your company will play in the digital future depends on your digital transformation strategy. Developing a sound strategy that is based...
digital transformation leadership Sandra Petrova

These Four Traits Can Help You Become a Better Digital Transformation Leader

by Sandra Petrova

In 2013, Adeva embarked on a challenging attempt to digitally transform its services. The company built a team and came up with a solution that...
digital transformation frameworks Sandra Petrova

Game-Changing Digital Transformation Frameworks

by Sandra Petrova

Everywhere you turn, digital innovators are winning the game of competitiveness. Consumers, channels, and companies have already gone digital. A...
Estimations: The Wrong Way to Provide One Aleksandar Pavlov

Estimations: The Wrong Way to Provide One

by Aleksandar Pavlov

Estimation: This article is a 5-minute read. (yeah, sure) So, you're at your computer, ready to start another day of coding and debugging, all...
How to deploy AdonisJs application with AWS Elastic Beanstalk Tosho Trajanov

How to Deploy AdonisJs Application with AWS Elastic Beanstalk

by Tosho Trajanov

Deploying and scaling web applications has always been a tough process. With the rise of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), most of the dirty job...