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How to Lead a Design Team Things to Do and Things to Avoid
Olha Bahaieva

How to Lead a Design Team: Things to Do and Things to Avoid

by Olha Bahaieva

There are many ways to be a great design leader. Leadership is not just about making decisions and giving orders, but it also...
Cross Team Collaboration: Maintaining Trust Between Product Design and Development Teams
Olha Bahaieva

Cross Team Collaboration: Maintaining Trust Between Product Design and Development Teams

by Olha Bahaieva

Product design and development teams operate in two different worlds, but these two worlds need to work together to launch a ...
Laravel and oracle Database
Farhan Hasin Chowdhury

How To Use Laravel With Oracle Database

by Farhan Hasin Chowdhury

Oracle Database is one of the most reliable database management systems, while Laravel is currently the most popular PHP fram...
How to create and publish a private npm package with Github package registry
Samuel Olaegbe

How to Publish Private NPM Packages With Github Package Registry

by Samuel Olaegbe

How I ended up publishing Private NPM Packages on Github? My story can help you learn how to create NPM private package and a...
In-Depth Guide To Implementing JWT Authentication in Laravel – 2
Farhan Hasin Chowdhury

A Detailed Guide to Implementing JWT Authentication in Laravel

by Farhan Hasin Chowdhury

When it comes to implementing stateless authentication in Laravel, Laravel developers usually pick one of the official packag...
How to Build a Command Line (CLI) Tool in NodeJS – 1a
Tapasweni Pathak

How to Build a Command Line (CLI) Tool in Node.js

by Tapasweni Pathak

Command Line Tool enables the user to complete required tasks directly from the terminal. User-friendly commands are interpre...
Why Most Banking and Financial Institution Services Use Java_2
Hristina Nastevska

Why Most Banking and Financial Institution Services Use Java

by Hristina Nastevska

FinTech software, such as banking applications and financial institutions, is more critical than ever. We live in a world...
Is Javascript Better Than PHP – 5
Mauro Chojrin

Is JavaScript Better Than PHP? A Senior Engineer Compares the Two Technologies

by Mauro Chojrin

Every time you go on social media, you'll find some form of this question. It may even be expressed in the opposite way: Is P...
React vs Vue
Ravgeet Dhillon

React vs Vue: What Is the Best Framework For Your Project?

by Ravgeet Dhillon

Intro React and Vue are rising stars in the JavaScript front-end frameworks ecosystem. React is backed by Facebook, and Vu...
improve scrum team productivity
Ivana Janakieva

7 Effective Ways to Improve Scrum Team Productivity

by Ivana Janakieva

A Scrum team is made up of a cross-functional group of people from different departments, such as the development team, quali...
How to Convert Node.js Buffer to String
Diogo Kollross

How to Convert Node.js Buffer to String

by Diogo Kollross

Buffer Objects For a long time, JavaScript was lacking support for handling arrays of binary data. That changed with ECMAS...
Flutter vs React Native
David Adeneye

Flutter vs React Native: Which One Should You Choose?

by David Adeneye

With the upsurge of mobile apps in recent years, the demand for cross-platform app development has increased. ReactNative...
How to Use Laravel with React.js – 1
Farhan Hasin Chowdhury

Creating a Modern Application: Using Laravel With React.js

by Farhan Hasin Chowdhury

I started my web development career as a Python programmer, and my go-to framework in those days was Django. I came across La...
fintech reimagined forum Adeva
Julijana Jankoska
Future Of Work

FinTech ReImagined Forum Recap: Top Event Takeaways

by Julijana Jankoska

Introduction The Adeva ReImagined Forum was held virtually on September 23 from 5:30 p.m – 10:30 p.m.  The purpose of t...
Laravel security
Ariel Mejia

Security in Laravel: How to Protect Your App

by Ariel Mejia

Security is always a concern when you are developing a web application. Not only do you need to think about the security ...

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