agile release planning Tosho Trajanov

Release Planning for Engineering Teams: How Not to Miss Anything

by Tosho Trajanov

Agile release planning is process planning used by engineering teams to ensure that software releases will go smoothly and be highly reliable. To...
employee morale Sandra Petrova

Employee Morale: The Key Driver of Performance in Distributed Teams

by Sandra Petrova

After being relegated to the back burner, it’s a welcome development that employee morale is finally taking center stage in conversations about...
distributed teams are the future Sandra Petrova

4 Reasons Why Distributed Teams Are the Future of Work

by Sandra Petrova

Social distancing has forced many companies to proceed with having distributed teams. Once the worse if over, companies plan on returning their...
project management remote teams Sandra Petrova

5 Tips for Remote Project Management

by Sandra Petrova

Managing projects is a demanding task in itself. Add in a remote team in the mix, and the task becomes even more challenging. But just because...
Pagination with Laravel Ivica Jangelovski

Laravel: Overwriting the Default Pagination System

by Ivica Jangelovski

As you may already know, Laravel is the most-widely used framework in the PHP developers community. It comes with many out-of-the-box features...
interviewing developers remotely Tosho Trajanov

Founders Guide for Interviewing Engineers in 2020

by Tosho Trajanov

Interviewing remote engineers is a craft. Learn what makes for an effective process for interviewing engineers remotely. Hiring software...
Fortune 500 going remote Sandra Petrova

3 Central Steps for Fortune 500 Managers Who Are Going Remote

by Sandra Petrova

What do you do when your Fortune 500 company all of a sudden orders all employees to work from home? During times of dramatic change, the best...
motivated employees remote work Sandra Petrova

How to Motivate Remote Employees and Grow Your Tech Startup

by Sandra Petrova

Motivation is a key factor for successful remote teams. Learn the best practices for how to motivate remote employees and build a competitive tech...
how to write a project brief for software Sandra Petrova

How to Write a Brief for a Software Project

by Sandra Petrova

Are you leading a tech project and need help writing a software development project plan? Here are a few tips for how to put together a detailed...
good CTO skills Sandra Petrova

What Makes a Good Startup CTO: Top 7 Qualities

by Sandra Petrova

Maybe you're an ambitious developer who wants to know how to become a good Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Or maybe you've been promoted to a CTO...
creating a branching strategy for small teams Vedrana Tozija

Creating a Branching Strategy for Small Teams

by Vedrana Tozija

In my development, I use Git all the time. As it turns out as many as 90% of all small engineering teams use Git as well. And I know that in the...
best podcasts for entrepreneurs Sandra Petrova

Top 12 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

by Sandra Petrova

Building a successful business is challenging. To help you become the leader you strive to become, we've put together a list of top 12 podcasts...
setting up KPIs for software engineering teams Tosho Trajanov

Setting up KPIs for Agile Software Engineering Teams

by Tosho Trajanov

The most productive software engineering teams keep track of their improvements through a set of chosen indicators called KPI engineering...
companies using machine learning Sandra Petrova

This is How Companies are Applying Machine Learning to Remain Competitive

by Sandra Petrova

If you engage in a conversation about technology trends with a founder, business executive, or CFO, you'll probably hear them talking about...