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Top Featured Software developer in October, 2019

Senior Software Engineer, Laracast Contributor

Davor Minchorov

Senior Software Engineer, Laracast Contributor

  • PHP, Laravel, JavaScript and mySQL
  • Laracasts with 305,180 points
  • Fortune 500 companies
WordPress Developer

Andrej Agovski

Full Stack engineer with extensive experience in web development. Andrej has been working in different environments, from supporting marketing teams with campaign building, to covering the whole cycle of the development process.

Creative problem solver and solution oriented person, Andrej performs amazingly well even with vague requirements that ask for creative solutions.

  • Custom WordPress Development
  • leading New York and London Digital Agencies
Senior Javascript Engineer, Conference Speaker

Solomon Ayoola

Senior Javascript Engineer, Conference Speaker

  • NodeJs, AngularJS, AdonisJS and ReactJS
  • MySQL, MongoDB and PostgresSQL
  • Leading German Tech Companies

Building effective development teams, together.

Get acess to pre-screened, remote engineers.

Save Time and Costs
Save Time and Costs

Adeva constantly expands its developers’ network with world-class engineers. You get vetted developers, ready to start in 2 weeks without the screening hustle or hidden hiring costs.

Reduce employee turnover
Reduce Turnover

Developer retention is a challenge that requires a dedicated HR team. Adeva's unique community opportunities allow developers to learn and grow professionally, so you can focus on growing your business.

Flexible Growth
Grow Flexibly

Adeva helps you build great engineering teams with full flexibility. You can scale up and down as needed, apply your own recruiting practices and make sure the contracts suit your needs.

Scale your engineering team - 100% fit for teams
Exceptional Engineers

Before joining Adeva, each engineer goes through a thorough vetting process and demonstrates exceptional technical skills and problem-solving attitude.

Instant Team Integration
Instant Team Integration

Adeva's engineers work as part of your own team as distributed team members. They attend your daily stand ups, follow your security practices, and use your tools.

Simplified Payroll
Simplified Payroll

Paying out your team accross borders can be a pain for your business. We handle every administrative bit, so you can keep on building.