Ezequiel Dellavechia

How to Create Elegant HTML Reports in Postman

by Ezequiel Dellavechia

Are you wondering what is the best way to create elegant HTML reports in Postman? Wonder no more because I have the answer in the blog post below! ...
data visualization tips and best practices Rita Viegas

Data Visualization: Best Tips and Practices

by Rita Viegas

Data visualization: the art of communicating information through visuals. Businesses today should rely on the biggest amount of data available...
change management in software development projects Katerina Trajchevska

Change Management in Software Development Projects

by Katerina Trajchevska

Here's how to practice effective change management in software development projects, every time, any time. Customers change their minds. The...
how to onboard new developers Tosho Trajanov

No Office, No Problem: How to Onboard New Developers Remotely

by Tosho Trajanov

When it comes to how to onboard new developers remotely, there's not a magical strategy you can put in place. Instead, it's a set of best...
deploying rust functions on AWS Lambda Chuma Umenze

Deploying Rust Functions on AWS Lambda

by Chuma Umenze

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing platform that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. The platform invokes your code in...
building a culture of experimentation Tosho Trajanov

Building a Culture of Experimentation Into Your Software Delivery Process

by Tosho Trajanov

If you want to get a competitive edge, building a culture of experimentation is critical. It can result in cost savings, higher revenue, and...
giving feedback to software developers Katerina Trajchevska

Being an Effective Leader: Giving Feedback to Software Developers

by Katerina Trajchevska

Giving feedback to software developers may seem challenging, especially if you don’t know what type of personality you are dealing with. But...
Time Driven Development Katerina Trajchevska

Time-Driven Development: The Way to Software Development Efficiency

by Katerina Trajchevska

Time-Driven Development is a software development concept where the main focus is development time. Here's everything you should know about this...
Incorporating Accessibility in Software Development Anwiti Mishra

How to Incorporate Accessibility in Software Development

by Anwiti Mishra

Accessibility in software development is an inclusive approach to development, and it’s up to companies to make the world a better...
why investors and disruptive companies will embrace remote work Igor Izotov

From A.D. to A.C.: Why Investors and Disruptive Companies Will Embrace Remote Work

by Igor Izotov

Not many people nowadays will know that in the year 525 A.D., in the sloppy mountains of Constance, the term "anno Domini nostri Jesu Christi," or...
reduce technical debt in agile Trajche Nakov

Technical Debt: The Queen Of The Engineering Inefficiency

by Trajche Nakov

One of the most common challenges companies face is how to reduce technical debt. In this post, we'll take a look at how tech debt can be...
agile release planning Tosho Trajanov

Release Planning for Engineering Teams: How Not to Miss Anything

by Tosho Trajanov

Agile release planning is process planning used by engineering teams to ensure that software releases will go smoothly and be highly reliable. To...
employee morale Sandra Petrova

Employee Morale: The Key Driver of Performance in Distributed Teams

by Sandra Petrova

After being relegated to the back burner, it’s a welcome development that employee morale is finally taking center stage in conversations about...
distributed teams are the future Sandra Petrova

4 Reasons Why Distributed Teams Are the Future of Work

by Sandra Petrova

Social distancing has forced many companies to proceed with having distributed teams. Once the worse if over, companies plan on returning their...