Reduce Product Development Costs in Your Startup Sandra Petrova

5 Ways to Reduce Product Development Costs in Your Startup

by Sandra Petrova

In this article, you'll discover how to reduce product software development costs and create a high-quality solution without compromising on...
soft skills developers Sandra Petrova

7 Critical Soft Skills Every Developer Should Have in 2019

by Sandra Petrova

As we progress towards the future of work that will be driven by artificial intelligence, experts predict that soft skills in software engineering...
FINOS open source Sandra Petrova

Open Innovation in Financial Services: An Interview With FINOS

by Sandra Petrova

FINOS is a nonprofit organization assisting open innovation in the financial services community. According to them, organizations that adopt...
Adeva: exclusive developers' network Katerina Trajchevska

Adeva is a global developers' network. And now, our logo shows that, too.

by Katerina Trajchevska

We're excited to share that today, we're launching our new logo. 🎉 We liked the simplicity of our old logo and, as most of you, we're not great...
security on remote teams Sandra Petrova

6 Tips for Ensuring Security with Distributed Teams

by Sandra Petrova

When people hear that you’re a remote company, they often appear somewhat skeptical. Their first question normally is: “Is remote work...
Laravel and Wordpress ; Corcel Ivica Jangelovski

Using Corcel in Laravel to CRUD Wordpress Data

by Ivica Jangelovski

Laravel and Wordpress are with no doubt the most recognized open-source projects in the PHP community. The first one gives developers complete...
the gig economy Sandra Petrova

The Gig Economy is Reshaping the Future of Work

by Sandra Petrova

Technology has slowly transformed every aspect of human life. Are you starving but don't have the time to cook? There are plenty of apps such as...
agile software development Sandra Petrova

Everything You Need to Know About Agile Software Development

by Sandra Petrova

Agile Software DevelopmentThe 4 Roles on the Agile TeamHow an Agile Team WorksScrum, Kanban or another flavor of Agile? Why Choose Agile?Conclusion ...
software development methodologies Sandra Petrova

Top 7 Software Development Methodologies With Pros and Cons [2019]

by Sandra Petrova

Are you a manager of a development team that’s looking to add structure to the project workflow? To manage projects successfully, you need to...
Using Navigation Component to Navigate Between Dynamic Feature Modules Viktor Petrovski

Using Navigation Component to Navigate Between Dynamic Feature Modules

by Viktor Petrovski

Recently I’ve been working on a brand new application that is fairly complex and has over 30 different screens to start with. We decided that we...
Complete Guide for Front-end Validation of Forms Aleksandar Pavlov

Complete Guide for Form Validation with Javascript

by Aleksandar Pavlov

Every developer stumbles upon a client having various requests for form validation. From a multi-step validation to different fields format...
Katerina Trajchevska

SOLID Design Principles: The Guide to Becoming Better Developers

by Katerina Trajchevska

The SOLID design principles are meant to be a guide for designing software that's easy to maintain, extend, and understand. Here's how you can use...
Diversity as a competitive advantage Sandra Petrova

Workplace Diversity: An Unproven Trend or a Competitive Advantage?

by Sandra Petrova

It’s a random day at Adeva. The team is engaged in its work, working from a home office or a coworking place somewhere in the world. We’re all...
assess your engineers Sandra Petrova

5 Tools That Will Help You Assess Your Engineers [2019]

by Sandra Petrova

If you want to build a successful technology startup, you’ll need more than just a great idea. You’ll also need a great engineering...