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Reboot Transforms Its Invoicing and Analytics Processes with Adeva

Founded in 2014, Reboot is a leadership development company serving some of today's top organizations, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. The company offers executive coaching, 360° performance reviews, bootcamps, and organizational change management to leaders on their journey toward authentic success. As Reboot began to expand, they recognized the need to optimize their invoicing system, which was heavily reliant on manual processes. The entire business depended on this system. They required a team of top-tier engineers who could quickly grasp the business concept of Reboot and start implementing features efficiently. This case study examines how Reboot confronted this challenge and partnered with Adeva to optimize their invoicing process and enhance analytics.


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Reboot's invoicing system was not fully optimized. The requirement to manually upload files every month not only consumed significant work hours but also delayed reports and hindered the company's overall efficiency. There was an urgent need to extend their engineering capacity by bringing in highly experienced tech consultants. These professionals needed to quickly understand the primary business challenges and develop effective technical solutions.


Reboot required a highly skilled team of engineers who were not only forward-thinking but also capable of providing proactive solutions. The ideal consultants would be senior developers, ready to take immediate action and adept at guiding non-technical staff through the development process. During their search, Reboot came across Adeva, a global talent network renowned for connecting companies with the world’s best independent talent. Adeva's thorough vetting process, flexibility, transparent pricing, and impressive portfolio of seasoned tech consultants made them the preferred choice for Reboot.


  • 1,000+ admin hours saved every year, resulting in over $100k in savings annually
  • Fully transparent, end-to-end system that supports coaching staff and clients
  • Significant boost in Reboot's engagement team's effectiveness


Transforming The Operation System to Speed Up and Automate Billing Operations

Reboot, a premier executive coaching firm, encountered a significant challenge with its systems. Despite having numerous coaches, they all relied on Reboot’s Operating System (ROS) for manual contract management, scheduling, invoicing, and payments. The firm urgently needed to upgrade and automate ROS to streamline billing operations, especially in light of rapid staff changes.

Reboot’s Operations team was dedicating considerable time to updating payment spreadsheets and ensuring the accuracy of outgoing invoices. Even after investing thousands of dollars, the system was still not fully optimized. There was an immediate need to enhance the ROS for improved performance and efficiency.

The company also underwent major restructuring, transitioning its coaches to employee status. This transition had a substantial impact on how payments were processed, which led to a need for significant updates to the ROS.

Consequently, Reboot was in dire need of skilled talent who could upgrade the ROS without imposing additional burdens on the company.


Tapping into Adeva's Global Talent Network

Reboot, recognizing their need for high-profile developers, opted to partner with Adeva. A critical factor in this decision was Adeva’s rigorous vetting process, fast hiring, and access to world-class talent.

Adeva’s ability to provide suitable candidates within 48 hours and their flexible engagement models, tailored to fit Reboot’s specific needs and budget, were key in solidifying this partnership for the ROS update.

As a company founded by engineers, Adeva conducted an in-depth analysis of Reboot's operations. This thorough understanding allowed them to identify engineers who were highly skilled and a perfect fit for Reboot's unique requirements, including those that were not explicitly outlined.

The primary goal was to bring on board a proactive engineering leader who would refine ROS by offering comprehensive strategy and support, along with a capable and exceptional engineering team to develop and implement the necessary features. Throughout the process, Reboot enjoyed top-notch customer support and complete transparency at every stage.


Reboot Saves Over $100k Annually and Enables 10x Growth by Automating Manual Processes

As Reboot entered its third year of partnership with Adeva, Zane Altman, Director of Operations, reflected on the remarkable progress they had made.

Adeva helped Reboot to onboard high-profile tech consultants who enhanced the ROS system, significantly improving data management. Previously, Reboot’s Operational team manually inputted over 300 invoice details monthly. Post-upgrade, this task was simplified to a single click. The commitment, high professionalism, and integrity of the tech consultants Reboot hired have brought the ROS to another, higher level of expertise.

The overhauled ROS also increased transparency. Now, Reboot's coaches can review and adjust invoices before sending them to clients. This improvement streamlined operations, saving the company over 1,000 hours each month. Tasks like data uploads to ROS, once time-consuming, were now completed in minutes. Every team member could produce reports more efficiently, and the system simplified bookkeeping and legal tasks alike.

As Reboot matured, they added new features to the ROS system. They faced challenges in matching clients with suitable coaches. The tech consultants Reboot hired through Adeva resolved this by integrating ROS with Reboot’s client system, providing a clearer overview of operations. This integration allowed the team to manage tasks, view coaching availability, and identify potential bottlenecks. The enhanced system operated more effectively and yielded impressive results.

The benefits of the upgraded operating system extended beyond accounting. Having found the ideal partner in Adeva, Reboot is looking forward to a future of significant revenue growth. For Zane Altman, keeping the ROS working as the company scales is going to be essential.

“At Reboot, one of our key objectives is making sure the coach and subject are perfectly matched. Well, Adeva did the same for Reboot! I interact with the engineers on an ongoing basis. If I mention a business challenge or say that something’s not right, Adeva’s engineers just figure out the problem and fix it.”

Zane Altman - Director of Operations, Reboot

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