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How Adeva Helped Build a Mission-critical Operating System to Digitize Billing and Generate Business Insights.

Founded in 2014, Reboot is a leadership development firm for some of today's top organizations, CEOs and entrepreneurs. The company offers executive coaching, 360° performance reviews, bootcamps and organizational change management for leaders on the journey to authentic success.

I can honestly say that working with Adeva has changed my life!


Reboot had developed an invoicing system that was not developed to its full potential, and was wasting dozens of hours on manual uploading each month.


Reboot worked with Adeva to find an engineer who could get to grips with core business challenges and translate them into a technical solution; someone who could think ahead and proactively solve for the company. The perfect-match engineer had the skills to hit the ground running and walk non-technical staff through the development process.


  • 1,000+ admin hours saved every year
  • Fully transparent, end-to-end system that supports coaching staff and clients
  • Increased visibility into the business, massively increasing the effectiveness of Reboot’s engagement team


Reboot needed to transform its nascent operating system to speed up and automate billing operations, against a backdrop of rapid employment changes.

Coaching company Reboot had successfully positioned its business as a leading executive coaching firm, but their systems had reached an impasse. The company employed a lot of coaches, and everyone in the company relied on Reboot’s Operating System – ROS – to handle contracts, scheduling, invoicing, and payments.

“We initially invested a few thousand dollars into ROS but the system was not developed to its full potential,” says Zane Altman, Director of Finance, Legal and Operations at Reboot. “I was spending a lot of time updating spreadsheets with payments and next month’s invoices, and a lot of time making sure invoices had gone out correctly. We realized we were relying so heavily on the system that we needed it to perform better.”

Adeva first started helping Reboot in 2018. Not long after that, the company made some drastic changes. “We went through some major restructuring and reclassified our coaches as employees,” Zane explains. “That changed the way that we paid our team, and ROS had to change with it. Then a few months later, COVID came along and the world changed several times in a matter of months.”

Reboot needed an expert who could step in and develop ROS without adding more to the company’s plate.


Engage a proactive engineering leader to develop ROS and provide done-for-you strategy and support.

When Reboot realized they needed engineering support, the decision of how to source it was easy. “I’d heard for years about these guys in Macedonia who were really good,” Zane says. “So, when the timing was right, it was an easy decision.”

Adeva listened carefully to Zane to learn the ins and outs of the business and took great care to understand the company’s objectives and tech needs. That allowed them to place an engineer who holistically embodied what the company was looking for – even if Reboot could not articulate what that was!

“At Reboot, one of our key objectives is making sure the coach and subject are perfectly matched. Well, Adeva did exactly the same for Reboot! I interact with our engineer on an ongoing basis,” Zane explains. “He gets things done quickly and correctly and he thinks ahead. I don’t know what I’m talking about in this space; tech is not my world. But if I mention a business challenge or say that something’s not right, he just figures out the problem and fixes it.”

“That proactivity means he’s just fantastic to work with. Great personality, great work ethic.”


New transparent system saves 1,000+ admin hours and massively boosts the impact of Reboot’s engagement team.

Reboot is now entering its third year of partnership with Adeva. Looking back, Zane can hardly believe how far they’ve come.

“The new ROS brings data and sorts it into all sorts of usable fashions,” explains Zane. “We have about 300 separate invoice lines that come through in an average month, and I used to have to manually enter all of them. I can just upload a file now. All the interactions are right there. Coaches can approve invoices before they’re set to go out; they can see whether their client has paid. They have end-to-end visibility now where they didn’t before.”

The productivity savings alone have been enormous. “On my side, I used to spend 10-11 hours a week updating spreadsheets,” Zane says. “And that was in 2018, when we had about half the volume syncing with ROS that we have today. All those numbers scale in a linear fashion so imagine what the time commitment would be now!”

“With the new system, the time commitment is minutes. I can upload data in seconds and organize it into my own reports. It’s really a robust system that simplifies my accounting and legal process.”

These are impressive results. But for Reboot, the benefits of the new system extend beyond accounting.

“We have an engagement team who work really hard to match a client with their perfect coach,” Zane says. “Recently, we’ve linked ROS to our CRM and it’s given our engagement team much greater visibility into the business. Now, they can see where things are in the pipeline, who tasks are sitting with, who has open slots and coaching capacity, and where things are stalled with certain coaches. It’s really effective.”

Having found the ideal partner in Adeva, Reboot is looking forward to a future of significant revenue growth. For Zane, keeping the ROS working as the company’s scales is going to be absolutely essential.

“Without ROS, we’d be running a business without being able to see what’s going on. ROS gives us the tools to effectively run and grow the business. I can honestly say that working with Adeva’s engineer has changed my life!”

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