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How Tree Stones Partnered With Adeva to Hire Laravel Talent With Zero Trade-Off Between Quality, Speed-Of-Hire, and Cost

Tree Stones is a full-service agency based in Zurich, Switzerland. The company specializes in finding the right technology solution for every requirement, delivering technical and creative services including software development for clients around the globe.

Despite their expertise and global reach, Tree Stones faced challenges in sourcing and retaining high-quality tech talent. Relying on freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr often led to unpredictable quality and difficulty in evaluating candidates, which prevented them from delivering consistent, high-standard value to their clients.

This case study explores how Tree Stones overcame these challenges through a strategic partnership with Adeva. The partnership made sure Tree Stones could continue to provide uncompromised, top-tier services to their clients.


We have been using external talent for many years, but the quality is incredibly hard to measure. With Adeva, the technical quality has been exceptional, and the developers have outstanding communication skills, dedication, and English proficiency.


Tree Stones used freelance platforms to hire tech talent but struggled with quality and consistency. They needed pre-vetted and reliable developers for high-standard projects, that’ll join the team on short-to-mid engagements. The challenge was finding a balance between flexibility and high-quality talent.


A recommendation introduced Tree Stones to Adeva, a global talent network known for quickly connecting companies with seasoned tech professionals. Adeva impressed with their quick understanding, quality candidates, and flexible engagement options, which aligned with Tree Stones' project and budget needs.


  • Time to hire of less than two weeks – with quality-proof built-in
  • Significant reduction in time spent evaluating candidates, which allowed more focus on project execution.
  • Faster completion of projects within budget, which improved client satisfaction.
  • Tree Stones managed to boost their market competitiveness and attract new high-budget clients.


Balancing Speed and Quality in Tech Talent Acquisition at Scale

Tree Stones found itself in a delicate position. The company relied heavily on popular freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr to scout for external developers. This approach, however, proved time-consuming as each candidate needed to be carefully evaluated for quality. They needed to source, screen, and evaluate external developers quickly for critical client projects while maintaining high code quality.

The agility offered by the flexible workforce model was indispensable to Tree Stones. It allowed them to scale their service delivery up or down based on client demands. Yet, this flexibility came with its drawbacks. The primary concern was the inconsistency in the quality of external resources. The client found it increasingly difficult to assemble a team of developers that could consistently deliver on the high standards Tree Stones promised its clients.

Moreover, rapid scaling for mission-critical projects wasn't just about numbers. It was about making sure each developer brought on board could immediately contribute to high-stakes projects without compromising quality. Tree Stones sought a solution that would fill positions and elevate the quality of their offerings. This meant finding a partner who could understand their unique needs and provide a pool of talent that was technically proficient and aligned with their project goals and company culture.


Partnering with Adeva - A Game-Changing Move for Tree Stones.

Tree Stones' journey towards a robust solution for their tech talent challenges began through a recommendation. A fellow Laravel enthusiast, having seen Adeva's presentation at Laracon, introduced Tree Stones to Adeva. This marked the start of a promising partnership that could help Tree Stones address their hiring challenges.

Upon defining their requirements, Tree Stones was impressed by Adeva's swift response. Within a short period, they received two to three highly relevant developer profiles, which signaled Adeva's deep understanding of Tree Stones' specific needs. The speed and efficiency of Adeva's process cut through the usual delays in finding candidates, allowing Tree Stones to quickly move forward. They were able to hire new tech talent in less than two weeks.

Another standout feature of Adeva's service was the quality of their candidates. Each candidate was triple-vetted and fully equipped to meet the demands of the projects they would be involved in. This rigorous vetting process meant that Tree Stones could trust in the skills and abilities of the developers without the need for their own extensive evaluations. The developers brought onboard also came with exceptional communication abilities and a cultural fit that aligned with Tree Stones' ethos.

Flexibility was another critical value that Adeva offered. They provided Tree Stones with the capability to scale their teams up or down according to project needs. This flexibility extended to budgeting as well, with Adeva offering guaranteed rates and contract engagements tailored to fit Tree Stones' budget and project requirements. The ability to choose an engagement model that best suited their needs gave Tree Stones the operational agility they required without compromising on the quality of work or stretching their financial resources.


Faster Completion of Projects and New High-Budget Clients

The collaboration between Tree Stones and Adeva led to game-changing outcomes. With direct access to a talent pool characterized by high quality, reliability, and scalability, Tree Stones was able to shift their focus towards amplifying their growth and delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to their clients. This strategic alliance has streamlined their operational processes, particularly in talent acquisition.

One of the most immediate benefits Tree Stones experienced was the substantial time savings in the talent evaluation process. Adeva's comprehensive evaluation of candidates meant that Tree Stones no longer had to navigate the time-consuming process of assessing these competencies themselves. This efficiency gain enabled them to reallocate precious time towards advancing project timelines and adhering to budget constraints more effectively.

The time saved on vetting candidates translated directly into enhanced project delivery capabilities. Tree Stones completed projects within set timelines and budgets, which reinforced their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. This improvement in project management and execution has positioned Tree Stones more favorably in the competitive digital agency landscape.

Tree Stones is currently launching a new website, a strategic move aimed at accelerating their growth trajectory and attracting high-budget clients. The partnership with Adeva plays a critical role, providing Tree Stones with the agility and responsiveness needed to meet and exceed customer expectations. This newfound efficiency in resourcing has boosted their operational capacity and enhanced their market competitiveness.

“The hiring process was really fast. All the screening and assessment was done for us, including the concepting, creativity and problem-solving skills that are extremely difficult to evaluate. That saved a tremendous amount of time. Adeva consistently ensures we have the best talent. We’re so happy to keep working with them.”

Simon Fink, Founder and CEO, Tree Stones

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