Best Practices From Working With World-Class Engineering Teams

About the Event

How do leading tech companies deliver software for millions of users and what makes their engineering teams successful? Join us as we try to answer these and many more questions with Vanja Josifovski, ex CTO at Airbnb Homes and Pinterest.

We’ll cover the best practices that top engineering teams follow, what we can all learn from them, and how they can be applied in companies of any size.

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Vanja Josifovski
Vanja Josifovski
Former CTO at Airbnb Homes and Pinterest
Former CTO at Airbnb Homes and Pinterest, Vanja has many years of experience working with leading companies in the industry. He’s led teams in the areas of Machine Learning, Search, Computational Advertising and User Growth. Grown and managed 700+ teams, promoted and hired managers and directors, VPs, technical senior ICs, up to Fellow level.
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