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Managing engineering teams on a massive scale while building and delivering software for millions of users is a huge challenge. How does a big tech company deal with these challenges?

Join us for a discussion with Aleksandar Icev, Director of Engineering at Google. We’ll talk about building processes and managing engineering teams on such a large scale, and see how these insights can be applied at a lower scale in any engineering team.

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Aleksandar Icev
Aleksandar Icev
Director Of Engineering at Google

Aleksandar is Director of Engineering at Google, leading the Search Ads 360 Performance Planning, Intelligence, Enterprise/Bulk Workflows, and 3P Search teams, with prior experience in leading the Digital Audio, Youtube, Media Planning, and Optimization teams on Google's Display & Video Enterprise Platform. He’s passionate about building strong teams, developing ideas with great people, and building massive-scale systems that improve people's lives.

Alek’s research background is in machine learning, data mining, and bioinformatics. Alek’s industry experience spans designing core algorithms for life sciences startups, helping scale large enterprise software solutions, and leading several engineering teams focused on making Google’s ads systems and platforms smarter. In his free time, he is trying to find a sweet spot in his passion for techno-progressivism, stoicism, and singularity while being a below average soccer player and aspiring yogi.

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