DataSecOps: Solving Global Data Security Challenges

About the Event

Organizations increasingly recognize the importance of data and data-driven decisions. But, when it comes to ensuring security and meeting all data privacy compliances, the process becomes tedious and can take months to get up and running.

During this fireside chat, we’ll learn more about DataSecOps which offers an automated process to manage both data and security. It comes as a natural progression of the DevOps and DevSecOps principles and it’s a collaboration between engineers and admins on how to securely store, analyze, archive and deliver data.

Featured Speakers
Sonal Rattan
Sonal Rattan
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of eXate
Sonal is the co-founder and CTO of eXate, a tech startup who’s software specialises in streamlining and automating the processes of storing, interpreting and extracting value from data assets. She has nearly 20 years of development experience across a wide range of industries.
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