From Startup Grit to Corporate Strategy: Insights in Leading Engineering Teams

About the Event

Join us for an invigorating fireside chat with Yenny Cheung, a distinguished engineering leader with hands-on experience in navigating the multifaceted world of engineering management across startups and corporate landscapes.

This exclusive event provides a penetrating look into the nuanced art of leading engineering teams in varying contexts. Whether you're at the helm of a nimble startup, innovating on the cutting edge, or steering a well-established corporation towards continued success, this discussion will equip you with valuable insights.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the Transition: Uncover the transitionary strategies between startup agility and corporate structure and how to adapt your leadership style to suit each stage.
  • Challenges and Successes: Delve into the practical challenges, successes, and lessons learned from leading engineering teams across different business landscapes.
  • Strategic Insights: Gain actionable insights on scaling teams, fostering collaboration, promoting innovation, and maintaining stability within various organizational frameworks.

Who Should Attend

This dialogue is tailored for engineering leaders, decision-makers, managers, team leads, and anyone engaged in the leadership and development of engineering teams. Whether you're at the early stages of a startup or leading a team within a multinational corporation, the insights shared will be applicable and enriching.

Featured Speakers
Yenny Cheung
Yenny Cheung
Product & Engineering Executive

Yenny is an accomplished engineering and product executive. Her journey boasts a trail of impactful roles, including spearheading API Devtools innovation, trailblazing Conversational AI advancements at Rasa, and orchestrating Adtech excellence at Yelp.

With a proven track record, Yenny has led international teams of different sizes. In the realm of B2B SaaS, they're a force to reckon with, providing teams with the business context they need to lead.

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