Haskell: Advantages, Community, and Ecosystem

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Haskell has risen from a programming language for academic usage to a language that’s used by high-scale companies in the industry for solving some difficult problems.

Join us for a discussion with Andres Löh, a Haskell Consultant with over 20 years of experience with the language. We’ll talk about how to take advantage of Haskell, what are common use cases, and discuss Haskell’s community and ecosystem.

Featured Speakers
Andres Löh
Andres Löh
Haskell Consultant & Partner at Well-Typed LLP
Andres is a Haskell Consultant and Partner at Well-Typed LLP, with over 20 years of experience developing with Haskell. He’s interested in the design and application of (functional) programming languages, with a focus on concepts to improve the modularity
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