High Availability: How Klarna Maintains 99.999% Uptime

About the Event

Join us for an hour of open discussion with Mite Mitreski, Engineering Director at Klarna on the technics they use to ensure Klarna's app is available for their users at any time.

We'll cover release management, monitoring, stability patterns, customer after-care, and much more. Don't miss it if you're working on high-scale systems, or are curious about the engineering challenges of growing products.

Featured Speakers
Mite Mitreski
Mite Mitreski
Director at Trust center, CTO Teams at Klarna
Engineering Director at Klarna, a leading global service that offers smarter and more flexible shopping and payment solutions. As a Director in the CTO office, Mite is working on scaling the live operations, security, real-time detection, and customer after-care operations. With high availability being paramount for a service like this, a big part of his focus has been on improving the architecture and processes to ensure as high uptime as possible.
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