How to Manage Engineering Teams at Scale

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What are the main pitfalls engineering teams face when they start growing rapidly? Bringing more people to the team is never a solution on its own, especially not when going from a team of 5 to 20+. Suddenly, everything that used to work seamlessly does not anymore.

At this Fireside Chat, Andrew is going to tap into his past experience of growing and managing engineering teams in times of rapid growth. Join us to learn how to scale your team and establish good processes that will support the growth of your team.

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Andrew Sadler
Andrew Sadler
CTO at H4, co-founder Ralloo, ex-Google
Andrew is a Technology leader with 25+ years experience of building, growing and transitioning engineering teams in startups and enterprises. Engineering manager at Google and Sun Microsystems (now Oracle). VP Engineering at Yieldify. CTO & co-founder at Ralloo. Most recently CTO at H4. As an experienced engineer, he remains deeply involved with the technical, architectural, and software detail of the teams he works with. He loves to bring teams and products to life using agile methods, leading software engineering tools, and a dev-ops culture. With two successful acquisitions of past startups by Google and Sun Microsystems, Andrew has extensive experience in building, growing, and transitioning engineering teams in startups.
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