Ship Work That Matters with Ryan Singer - the author of the 'Shape Up' framework

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Tired of software development cycles stuck in a never-ending loop of missed deadlines and squandered resources?

Join us for an exclusive evening with Ryan Singer, Founder of Felt Presence and former Head of Strategy at 37signals—the company that brought us Basecamp. Uncover the techniques that have empowered millions, disrupted traditional workflows, and returned the thrill to product building.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about how to empower your teams to ship works that matters.

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Ryan Singer
Ryan Singer
Author of Shape Up

Ryan worked on all levels of the software stack, from UI design to programming to strategy. Over 17 years at 37signals, he designed features used by millions and eventually became Head of Strategy. In 2019 he wrote Shape Up, and three years later founded Felt Presence to help product teams stop running in circles and regain the thrill of building.

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