Adeva Announces Strategic Partnership with Laravel to Become the Go-to Platform for Hiring Laravel Developers

New York City, New York, April, 18th 2024 — Adeva, a leading global talent network, has announced a strategic partnership with Laravel, the most popular PHP framework, to provide organizations with access to top Laravel talent from around the world.

Adeva’s model is designed to help companies scale up or down rapidly, accommodating the dynamic needs of modern businesses. By leveraging global talent, companies not only achieve significant cost savings but also ensure timely delivery of mission-critical initiatives. Adeva maintains a high standard of quality by performing rigorous vetting for every engineer joining the network, ensuring access to only top-level talent.

Establishing an official partnership with Laravel strengthens Adeva’s commitment to creating opportunities for their global community and connecting companies with the best Laravel developers worldwide. Adeva aims to create the most resourceful place in the Laravel ecosystem, where both individuals and organizations can dive deeper into Laravel through tailored events and training materials; and access community benefits to support their individual and company goals.

“We have been actively engaged in the Laravel ecosystem for some time now," said Katerina Trajchevska, CEO of Adeva. "It holds a special place in my heart due to the immense opportunities it has created for both my personal growth and the development of Adeva as a company. With the most genuine community and value-driven ecosystem, Laravel has given all of us so much. I see this partnership as a way to give back and further grow together.”  

This partnership highlights Adeva’s community approach to tech hiring, providing access to expert-level Laravel talent globally in less than 24 hours. With a rigorous vetting process and risk-free trial periods, Adeva is changing the way modern engineering leaders hire.

The collaboration with Laravel stands for Adeva’s significant impact, growth, and leadership in the Laravel community. It showcases the company’s commitment to drive positive change in tech communities globally.

For further information, please reach out to us at [email protected].

About Adeva

Adeva is a global talent network that connects companies with the world's best product and tech talent. Established with the vision to empower individuals and organizations to succeed on their terms, they are changing the way modern tech leaders build teams at scale.

Hundreds of companies like Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Imgur, and Deltatre work with Adeva to scale their product and engineering teams quickly and effectively.

About Laravel

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. Created by Taylor Otwell, Laravel promotes clean code and robust application development, all with out-of-the-box, elegant solutions for the common features needed by all modern web applications.

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