Adeva Launches AI Talent Hub to Bridge the Gap Between Companies and AI Professionals 

Adeva introduces AI Talent Hub: A unique gateway to the world's best AI talent

New York City, New York, January, 10th 2024 — Adeva, a global talent network that connects companies with product and tech consultants, today announced the launch of an AI Talent Hub to meet the rising demand for skilled AI talent.

The AI Talent Hub is a strategic extension of Adeva’s offering, designed to bridge the AI talent gap and empower companies to innovate rapidly by providing streamlined access to a community of verified AI professionals, experts in Machine Learning, NLP, Gen AI, Deep Learning, and other cutting-edge AI technologies.

“The expanding role of AI across different business sectors is a fundamental component of modern business strategies. For many businesses, the challenge lies in securing access to high-profile AI talent," stated Katerina Trajchevska, co-founder and CEO of Adeva. "The AI Talent Hub addresses this need by offering a unique opportunity for businesses to quickly staff their AI initiatives with a community of verified and proficient AI talent."

“Adeva has seen over 300% increase in demand for AI talent over the last two years”, said Tosho Trajanov, co-founder and Head of Growth at Adeva. “Our strategic partnerships with leading companies in the AI field, combined with our strong relationship with research institutions and academia, enables us to amplify the value we provide to our communities. This approach equips the talent in our network with the necessary skills to meet the growing demand for AI talent.”

Launching Adeva’s AI Talent Hub is a key part of Adeva's strategic vision to become the go-to platform for companies and individuals to connect and succeed on their own terms.

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About Adeva

Adeva is a global talent network that connects companies with the world's best product and tech talent. Established with the vision to empower individuals and organizations to succeed on their terms, they are changing the way modern tech leaders build teams at scale.

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