​​Adeva Rebraned! New Logo Rolled Out!

New York City, New York, September, 11th 2019 — Adeva is thrilled to introduce its new logo. The company evolved over the years, growing from a local agency to a global network of distributed engineers. Adeva has become a global developers' network. The new logo is a visual representation of this global community and its values.

Adeva's vision is to create equal opportunities for developers everywhere, regardless of race, religion, or gender. Adeva stands for diversity and inclusion. The company firmly believes that great engineering talent is equally distributed everywhere, not only in the global tech centers.

The new logo represents every member working from different parts of the world, yet connected through Adeva's network. The different colors aim to show the diversity Adeva stands for. Coming from different cultures around the world, Adeva's team is the main driver of growth, creativity, and values.

This rebranding reflects Adeva's unwavering commitment to building a global community that thrives on inclusivity and the belief that tech talent knows no boundaries.

If you require any further information, let us know at [email protected].

About Adeva

Adeva is a global talent network that connects organizations with distributed tech talent across the world.

Using a community-driven approach, we engage some of the brightest talents in the industry, enabling organizations to scale engineering teams fast. By cutting out unnecessary expenses and minimizing fees, organizations ensure saving at least 30% per hire annually. At the same time, Adeva creates long-term, remote opportunities for tech talent worldwide.

Adeva is on a mission to enable work without boundaries for 1 million people across the globe by 2030. We are a fully distributed network with a presence in over 30 countries around the world.