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Create Real-Time Data Feeds with Kafka

This particular technology can handle trillions of events occurring in a day. It has unique attributes that make it a highly attractive option for data integration. LinkedIn is its most well-known user, but there are many other companies successfully using this technology. Yes, we’re talking about Kafka.

In its essence, Kafa is a scalable, distributed streaming platform that enables companies to create real-time data feeds. If you’ve been thinking about using it for your project, then you’ll be joining many Fortune 500 companies that have discovered the benefits of Kafka. They use the platform for real-time streams of data, to collect big data, or to do real-time analysis.

The platform is one of the fastest growing open source projects and has generated a vast ecosystem around it. It’s also at the center of a movement towards managing and processing streams of data. What the founders have imagined for Kafka has become true: a system that lets you publish and subscribe to streams of data, store them, and analyze them. Many leading businesses agree that the platform is a powerful abstraction for building applications and architectures.

So now that the basic business benefits of adopting Kafka are out, you probably want to know more: What are some of the major reasons for using it for your project? Let’s explore!

Key Business Benefits of Kafka

Here are the 5 key benefits of using Kafka:

Kafka can make your company more agile. Every business depends on data. You need to gather information, analyze it, and manipulate it. Whether it’s log messages or user activity, every bit of data has a story to tell. Kafka can help you move that data, rapidly and efficiently. The faster you can move the data, the more agile and responsive your company can be. The less effort you spend on moving data around, the more you can focus on the core business at hand.

Kafka can help you analyze customer behavior. Thanks to Kafka, companies can create real-time data feeds. By integrating different types of data such as page clicks, likes, searches, and orders, the platform can feed data into a predictive analytics engine to analyze your customers’ behavior.

Kafka provides durable storage. Kafka is a powerful storage system that can store data for as long as you like. What’s more, as all your data is centralized in Kafka, access to data for any team becomes easier.

It can manipulate data as it arrives. The Streams API within Apache Kafka is a powerful library that allows for on-the-fly processing, letting you aggregate, create windowing parameters, perform joins of data within a stream, and more.

You can deliver data rapidly and in real time. Kafka decreases latency to a mere 10 milliseconds. That’s nearly 10x decrease or more compared to other integrations.

Hiring Kafka Developers Is the Right Move for Your Business

Now that we’ve explained how Kafka can benefit your business, it’s time to talk about why you should hire Kafka developers.

  • Developers are familiar with developing professional apps in Java, .NET C# or Python.
  • Kafka developers have a solid grasp of Microservices, and REST API.
  • Kafka developers are experienced with Event Sourcing.

Time to Hire Kafka Developers

The best place to get started when hiring best-of-the-class developers is right here at Adeva. We have many skilled and pre-screened Kafka developers that can help you build real-time data pipelines and streaming apps. Our developers have been trusted by companies like Amazon, GitHub, IBM, and Coursera. Get in touch today, and we’ll help you find the most suitable developer for your project.