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Node.js Programming Benefits For Business

When Ryan Dahl created Node.js in 2009, he never would have imagined how popular this backend Javascript framework will become. Could he have predicted the major role Node.js would play in the tech stack of many innovative companies like Uber and NASA?

Today, a wide range of businesses depend on Node.js’ unique benefits and functionalities. Walmart is a booming online retail leader thanks to Node.js. When the company wanted to build a bulletproof e-commerce system that can manage 20,000 hits per second, Node.js made that possible.

Or when Uber wanted to keep up with the ever-growing business demands of its customers, they build their matching system on Node.js.

Entrusted with developing products for the voice assistant platform Amazon Alexa, developers at NPR turned to Node.js.

What may be the cause of this fascination by Node.js in the business world? Well, businesses love using this framework because it lets them build quick, versatile system applications, as it's equipped for taking care of synchronous connections with high throughput, which translates into high scalability.

One thing is for certain: Node.js continues to grow in popularity on every continent because of its flexibility and a broad array of use cases.

Reasons for Using Node.js in Your Web Development

So why should you use Node JS in your web development? What is it really good for? Well, here are a few good reasons:

  • Event-driven and single-threaded. What does this mean? It means that Node.js can handle heavy load very well. This JavaScript framework can manage a large number of concurrent connections and still remain fast due to its non-blocking I/O nature. To translate, this means that you have the ideal framework with all the right tools at one place to create a high-performing system.
  • A vibrant community. Node.js has a vibrant and large community. You can find the solution to any problem discussed online. There is a number of resources to learn from and a library for everything. With a simple npm install command, you can gain access to a broad set of ready-to-use libraries.
  • Easy deployment of Node.js apps. Many programming environments need a dedicated setup because no one created an ecosystem around them. Today, in Node.js, you have many solutions for deployment. If you want to share an application with the world, you can use platforms like Glitch, Heroku, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • It has a wide range of applications. Node.js can be used for developing web apps, single page apps, APIs, chats/RTAs, and dashboards.
  • It has a proven record of success. Node.js has been heavily tested by major companies like Walmart, Uber, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

Why Hire a Node.js Developer?

Node.js developers can make your customers happier

Node.js developers can make your customers happier by reducing the page loading time. The javascript code execution is very fast as Node.js uses Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine. PayPay experienced a 35% decrease in the average response time for the same page after deploying Node.js applications. The pages were being served 200ms faster and this is something users will most certainly notice.

Experienced Node.js developers have many skills

Businesses hire Node.js developers who have several years of experience because their list of skills grows over the years.

A skilled Node.js developer:

  • Has knowledge of the main JavaScript concepts.
  • Is experienced in front-end design and development such as HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Is proficient in RESTful APIs and API communications.
  • Possesses error-handling skills.
  • Has working knowledge in user authentication and authorization.

Node.js developers already know JavaScript

Node.js developers are already quite comfortable using the JavaScript ecosystem. They understand the language so switching to a similar open-source framework is very practical.

Node.js developers can work on various projects

Node.js developers can create applications with varying levels of complexity. This can include E-commerce applications, CrowdFunding, IOT, social media, and Enterprise Web Service, among others.

Time to Hire Node.js Developers for Your Project

98% of Fortune 500 companies use Node.js. Meaning, they all had to hire Node.js developers at some point. Now is your turn!

The decision to incorporate Node.js into your tech stack can be a game changer. Not only that you’ll use fewer servers and decrease page load times, but you’ll be able to develop high-performing apps that the customer will love.

If you struggle to locate the most skilled Node.js developer from a large pool of talent, we can help. We’ve put together a list of the most critical questions you should be asking any Node.js developer. Use this resource to evaluate the breadth and depth of a candidate’s proficiency in Node.js and make the perfect hire.